Meet the Team

Dominic Holland

Owner / Chairman

After forging a successful career in the city and retiring from the rat race, it wasn't long before Dominic was itching to get back into the thick of it. In between cycling across America and down through France and Italy, Dominic can be found in the office keeping an eagle eye on proceeding and pushing the business into new unexplored areas.

Current cars / bikes:Range Rover / Aston Martin DB9 / Jaguar 3.8 OTS E-Type

Marcus Holland

Owner / Managing Director

Having worked in Digital Marketing for a number of blue chip companies, Marcus has jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Changing track completely and focusing on an area of passion in classic cars. Marcus has even talked himself into restoring an MGB GT. Marcus can be found in the office and loitering with intent on the shop floor but on the weekend may even be wielding the tools.

Current cars / bikes:Land Rover Defender x2 / MGB GT x2

Bob Van Vuuren

Office Manager

Having been at E-Type UK for five years and counting, there isn't much Bob hasn't seen or heard and is an encyclopaedia of E-Type knowledge. E-Type UK has aged Bob beyond his years, although not entirely the companies fault, Bob has contributed to the aging process restoring a 3100 Chevy Pick Up. Where can't you find Bob, if he isn't in the office, he might be out trailering an E-Type or working in the workshop with a thirst for knowledge Bob can be found just about anywhere.

Current cars / bikes:Abarth 595 / BMW 3 Series / Chevrolet 3100 Pick Up / MGB Racecar

Jack Twinam

Marketing & Media Coordinator

Coming from a diverse digital media background, Jack has a wealth of experience in photography, video and digital media. Alongside his keen eye for finding the perfect shot, Jack is a passionate classic car lover. Growing up surrounded by various motoring classics, such as TVRs, Austin Minis & Land Rovers, he isn't one to shy away from getting his hands dirty.

Current cars / bikes:Mini Cooper S

Mark Butchers

Workshop Manager

The longest serving member of the team with eight years under his belt, Mark has been re-defining ageing. Looking younger and younger by the day, Mark has been through thick and thin, having owned an E-type he understands the trials, tribulations and enjoyment of owning an E-type. Making work for idle hands, Mark won’t be found sat down for long. Keeping Mark off the bike and out of the pool is a challenge enough, our own in-house Jenson Button, Mark can be found challenging himself annually at the Tonbridge triathlon in-between restoring your E-type.

Current cars / bikes:Porsche 993 / Audi A4 / Ducati Monster

Peter Allin

Restoration Technician

Classic aircraft engineer previously, Peter has an extensive mechanical understanding. Experienced in a range of different restoration fields, Peter has managed to keep a number of classic Saab vehicles on the road when many people had waved them goodbye. The quiet thinker of the team, Peter can be found across a range of projects and restorations in the workshop.

Current cars / bikes:Any pre-1994 Saab

Nigel Smith

Restoration Technician

Nigel’s whole career has revolved around the motor trade, meaning today he is a master mechanic keen to put his skills to use on Coventry’s finest. A fanatic of 70s and 80s metal and music, he’s often found fettling his own Mk1 Ford Escort and Kawasaki W650 on his downtime. Nigel fit straight into the E-Type UK way of life and has a very hands-on approach to life, never to shy away from any mechanical or constructional task. It seems the only thing he can’t do is eat green food!

Current cars / bikes:Mk1 Ford Escort / Kawasaki W650

Kevin Wilson

Restoration Technician

Kevin has a lot of experience with classic cars having owned and restored a large number of them himself and previously working at a classic Ferrari specialist. Luckily he fancied a change of scenery which lead him to us! A very meticulous worker, he works on classic cars for most of the 168 hours of the week as he is currently fixing up a Classic Range Rover in his spare time. The other side to Kevin is his tree cutting expertise which he did for 24 years whilst also working as an agricultural engineer. That must be why he has a massive love for old Land Rovers!

Current cars / bikes:Mini Cooper S / Range Rover Classic

Will Humphrey

Restoration Technician

 With a large amount of experience in the modified car world, particularly high-output Japanese cars, Will worked for the same Motorpsort company since the young age of 17. His spare time currently consists of mostly looking after his toddler son, which can prove to be as much of a handful as an 800hp Nissan from previous work. Will’s heart has always swayed towards older classics which prompted the move to E-Type UK. Always up for a challenge, he hopes to one day mix the modifying world with E-Types in the form of his own resto-mods!

Current cars / bikes:Saving Up For Nissan R32 GTR

Sean Savage

Bodyshop Technician

Another award winning member of the body shop team, Sean couldn’t resist allure of solvent after a few years away. Back in the paint booth with vengeance and looking to turn out award winning restoration work again. Sean has a wealth of experience of painting classic cars, having painted using cellulose, solvent and water based. Sean is no stranger to achieving the highest level of finish, even if it is only a workshop jig.

Current cars / bikes:Audi A4 Avant / VW Beetle

Steve Williams

Bodyshop Technician

Steve is another example of award-winning painting excellence. With a plethora of painting and metalwork experience, Steve has 28 years under his belt including 14 years with classic Ferraris. When he's not out winning multiple awards at concours events, Steve is working on his 300 year-old house and listening to Jazz showing that old things really do hold a place in his heart.

Current cars / bikes:Peugeot 206 GTI / Lotus Europa S2

Simon Bailey

Bodyshop Technician

Simon has a keen passion for classic car restoration and began his bodywork career in crash repair when he was just 16. With just shy of 15 years of classic Jaguar, Aston Martin and Ferrari under his belt, Simon has covered all aspects of classic car bodywork. Simon spends his time away from the workshop touring the country in his classic camper which he meticulous restored to pristine condition.

Current cars / bikes:Classic Camper Van

Verdan Chick

Bodyshop Trainee

Although lacking in experience compared to the other members of the bodyshop team, Verdan is eager to learn the ways of bodyshop life. Be it sanding down body panels back to bare metal or... well sanding down body panels, Verdan is always happy to help. Verdan will be learning new skills including welding and grinding taught to him by Sean, Derek and Steve until he has finally reached the official title of bodyshop technician.

Current cars / bikes:Mazda 2