Jaguar E-type at 60 | Geneva Launch Celebration

March 15th 2021

60 years ago today the world welcomed a design that would inspire decades of automotive designs, that icon is the Jaguar E-type.

At its launch in the well-known Geneva Auto Salon in March 1961, the Jaguar E-type not only became the talk of the show but took every headline, which saw one of the world iconic auto manufactures, Ferrari’s Enzo Ferrari call the car “the most beautiful car in the world”. Upon the Coupe and Roadsters debut, many regards both designs as flawless from every angle.

Jaguar boss, Sir William Lyons, completely unaware of how well the E-type would be received, had only planned to show one Coupe on the Geneva stand. Following the demand and discussions from the Geneva press hours, Mr Jaguar himself ordered a second model, Roadster, to make a last-minute dash from Coventry to Geneva, a feat undertaken by Norman Dewis, renowned test driver.

Unveiled boasting such figures as 265 bhp from a 3.8-litre engine and four-speed manual, claiming a top speed of 150 mph, with a listing price of just £2,097 for the roadster and £2,196 for the Coupe. The public’s interest exploded as it meant you could now purchase a British sports car with the beauty and performance of its exotic rivals but at half the price!

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