ETUK TV | Storing Your E-type In Lockdown

April 17th 2020

Storing Your E-type

If you are looking to store you classic securely and safely during this global situation, then E-Type UK has 6 helpful top tips to do that. Find out how by our instructional video below...


1 | Cleaning

Prior to storing your classic, it is important to complete a deep clean, a good inside and out will ensure removal of any residing salts, mud, damp and any other harmful materials that could damage your car during the storage duration. As an added level of protection, it can also pay to introduce a final layer of wax preventing any new corrosion forming.

2 | Tyres

Before leaving your E-type to stand for a long length of time, it is key to ensure the tyres are fully inflated, regularly checking the levels throughout storage as a deflated tyre can potentially cause wheel structural damage if left for a prolonged period of time. Alternatively, if able, you could introduce axle stands to relieve the weight from each corner, which in turn minimises regular inspection times.

3 | Battery

Commonly, most healthy batteries are able to hold a charge for several weeks without a required start-up, however as a piece of mind, it can be wise to invest in a trickle charger. This method offers a sustainable charge and protects your battery health, ensuring your classic is ready for the road at any time. If your battery is particularly old you may want to disconnect the terminals altogether, as an old battery may leak and cause unwanted corrosion to your engine bay.

4 | Brakes

Regularly checking your brakes is an important step during vehicle storage, as if left unused for long lengths of time the mechanical component can fuse. It is advised to occasionally release the handbrake and gently rock the vehicle back and forth freeing up the stood components. 

5 | Engine Health

Throughout the duration of your cars storage, it is advised to check fluid levels, a drip tray is a useful tool in monitoring this. If possible, it can be beneficial to start your car regularly, allowing the engine to get to temperature, fluids to move around the engine and for your battery to charge properly. Remember to only perform a start-up in well-ventilated areas.

6 | Car Cover

Finally, tuck your classic away under a protective cover, there are plenty of options out there offering different levels of protection, from indoor soft stretch to outdoor waterproof breathable examples. Placing a recently cleaned and polished car under a cover further protects your classic from unnecessary dust build-up and ready's your E-type for its grand return to the road.

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