Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 RHD FHC


Series 1 Fixed Head Coupé


A highly desirable find, Chassis 860045, one of very few original right-hand fixed-head coupes built-in 1961, now enters the market. An unrestored piece of history retaining all of its early features that make ‘61 cars so sought after. Having been gently recommissioned by its current owner, this rolling museum offers a rare opportunity to own a prime example of what Jaguar’s Malcolm Sayer had envisioned.

Built on November 1961 and dispatched to Henley Manchester less than a week later, Chassis 45 was first registered in December ’61 to a Mr Ward Burton of Woodhollow, who kept the E-type for several years and remained in the Cheshire area, as highlighted by the present original buff logbook.

In February 1972, Chassis 45 underwent a colour change actioned by the new owner at the time, changing the car from Gunmetal over Light Blue to Red over Red, the very same finish you see today. Although the colour change was a happy mistake, as the agreed finish colour was to be Jaguar Carmen Red but due to miscommunication from the acting garage, the E-type was finished in Carmine Red, a Rover colour, luckily the owner liked the look and kept the finish beautifully maintained for the next 47 years!

The current owner purchased the car in December 2015 from a Mr John Hanlon of Merseyside after what had become Chassis 45’s longest ownership, 3 long decades of happy motoring. Retraining substantially unrestored and determined to stay that way, the current custodian started a large sympathetic recommissioning programme focusing on the areas requiring attention to return the car to fully roadworthy and reliable condition.

A key focal point of its 2015 recommissioning was ‘originality’ and more importantly, no attempt was made to upgrade any mechanical components. Part of its return to the road, Chassis 45 has received minor paintwork touch-ups, however, remains in Carmine Red. Only necessary works were undertaken in order to retain as much originality as possible, therefore apart from new carpets, the interior was left untouched from its 1972 makeover. Now seen to be a desirable collector’s item, Chassis 45 features countless factory components including its original dynamo, smooth airbox, knife fan-blade and of course iconic flat floors.

Chassis 45 is not a “nut and bolt” restoration but instead a piece of history, now providing a unique opportunity to own, drive and enjoy one of the last remaining unrestored 1961 Jaguar E-types. Should you be interested in this E-type, please call the office on 01732 852 762 or email Marcus on to discuss the car in more detail.

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