Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 OTS


Series 1 Roadster


Released in 1961, the E-type helped cement Jaguar as one of the most popular automotive exporters to the U.S market. The popularity of the E-type was further enhanced by the release in late 1964 of the Jaguar 4.2 litre engine, built to compete with the larger V8 engines used in US sports cars at the time. Providing more torque, the 4.2 litre engine launch coincided with the release of the much more advanced 4-speed synchro gearbox, hugely improving both the usability and driving experience of the E-Type.

This Series 1 (1/2) 4.2 OTS was built on 7th November 1967 and shipped out to New York, USA on 22nd November. It currently retains its original colour combination of British Racing Green with Beige interior and Fawn hood, the first owner Richard J Neilam took delivery of the car from his local Jaguar dealer which we believe was situated in California, where the car would have spent the majority of its life.

The car was imported back into the UK in mid-2011 by E-Type UK before being bought by the current owner who requested us to carry out a substantial amount of conversion and upgrade work in order to get the car to his desired specification. The car was completely converted to UK Series 1 specification; the main parts of this included a RHD conversion, triple SU carb upgrade, headlight closing, and S1 dash conversion. The car was also upgraded with a five-speed gearbox, aluminium radiator and header tank, electronic ignition, and wider triple-lace wheels. Since this work was carried out, we have serviced the car every 2 years as well as adding a few more usability-orientated upgrades along the way.

This amounts to a fantastic E-Type with the ability to both keep up with modern traffic and to perform on par with modern sports cars. Due to regular check-overs and professional maintenance, the car is mechanically perfect and drives excellently. We have just fully serviced the car and carried out all work needed for an advisory-free MOT. All UK documentations as well as the original handbook and heritage certificate are present with the car.

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