Fuel Injection S1 & V12

E-Type UK has built considerable knowledge and expertise in both V12 and XK fuel injection systems. Having pioneered the system, E-Type UK has been at the forefront of developing fuel injection, and working with a small number of suppliers and specialists, have managed to bring this to the market.

Not only do the fuel injection systems provide increased power; they also offer hugely improved drivability, throttle response and reliability.

Using original Jaguar XJS throttle bodies and manifolds on the V12 and newly designed manifolds and throttle bodies on the XK engine, the systems are fitted.

Each Injection system is fitted to the highest detail whilst retaining the character of the original V12 and XK E-Type.

Both systems utilises a modern ECU which is fully integrated into the cars wiring using a bespoke loom.

Each vehicle is fully tested prior to delivery, the ECU is mapped to the characteristics of the engine fitted ensuring maximum performance, economy and drivability is achieved.

In our opinion this provides the ultimate driving experience.