• Professionalism, competence, availability, kindness - these are just some of the qualities that define the E TYPE UK team at the service of its customers and of the most beautiful car in the world.

    Showroom Sales | Series 1 Roadster
  • Double thumbs certified! Went for a ride-along in an exquisitely restored ‘field find’ Series 1. Shout out to E-Type UK for bringing it back from the dead.

    The Sunday Times Driving
  • You don't want an E-Type, you want an E-Type UK E-Type

    Alex Goy | The Sun
  • Series 3 E-Types are meant to be unloved. But you might love this one

    Stephen Dobie | Top Gear
  • Rebuilt, remastered, reinvented - can’t teach an old cat new tricks? We beg to differ.

    Gentlemens Journal
  • This isn't just a good Jaguar. It's a great sports car. It has that magical power to transform your mood, making for an exhilarating experience.

    Classic Jaguar Magazine
  • We negotiate the town with its weekday traffic, but the engine doesn't miss a beat, then reluctantly return to base, reflecting on the fact that this E-Type provides an experience that is easily as good as, if not better than, a totally original Series 3 car.

    The Telegraph
  • Younger, remastered versions like E-Type UK's Series 3 are becoming a more attractive proposition by the day.

    Square Mile Magazine
  • It doesn't get better than this

    Maxim Online
  • All I can say job well done so pleased with it, the only problem that I have the sound that it makes makes me want to go faster.

    Mr. P. Sauro | V12 Fuel Injection
  • Professional, reliable, and contactable, was delighted with the cover article in Classic and Sports Car, I would defiantly sell my E-type through E-Type UK again.

    Mr. J. Marton | Brokerage
  • The Plan was to take the E Type Series 2 to Classic Le Mans via a circuitous route of nearly 2000 miles, with some unsuccessful attempts to get the car "sorted", I took it to E Type UK. With the trip to Le Mans done, the car performed faultlessly. My sincere thanks to the E-Type UK team, I love my car again.

    Mr D. Jankelow | Le Mans Prep
  • We were impressed at the service E-Type UK provided in supporting our car purchase - a painless return to classic car ownership for us with very good support at each stage. We would have no hesitation in recommending E-Type UK to any prospective purchaser.

    Mr & Mrs K | Purchasing an E-Type
  • The E-Type UK team were very professional in the purchase of my E-type and export to Portugal. Thank you for going the extra mile

    D.Buckle | Purchasing an E-Type
  • I'd had some work done previously by E-Type UK and was very pleased with the quality of work, so when I decided to undertake more drastic surgery to my E-Type there was only one place to go. I now have a super reliable and fast car that is easy to live with.

    Mr G. Slade | Le Mans prep
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