• 6.1L V12
  • 5-Speed Manual
  • Fuel Injected
  • 400 BHP

Unleashing True V12 Potential

Unleashed by E-Type UK is an ethos of perfection; working methodically to enhance every aspect of a verified British automotive icon without ever detracting from its iconic essence. Unleashed is thunderously fast, eminently comfortable and flawlessly beautiful throughout, a rolling piece of automotive art.

Expertly engineered at E-Type UK, this V12 E-type is defined by bespoke. The exterior is tastefully refined, with a unique cabin alive with modern technologies and an advanced fuel-injected 6.1-litre V12, combined with performance engineering amplifying the timeless thrill of one of the greatest British sports cars ever built.  

The Specification


  • Specification Drivetrain

    • Increased capacity from 5.3L to 6.1L
    • Aluminium 5-speed gearbox
    • Full bespoke fuel injection
    • Performance cooling
    • Competition braking
    • Uprated suspension
  • Specification Body

    • Inner sill strengthening
    • Extended welded bonnet louvres
    • Handcrafted wrap around and one-piece bumpers
    • LED headlamps with DRL halos
    • Fresh air bonnet ducting
  • Specification Interior

    • Custom seats with heated elements
    • Bespoke aluminium centre console
    • Engine start button
    • Piano black dash
    • Remote central locking
    • LED dash light illumination
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