E-TYPE Consignment Service

Not only are we experts when it comes to Jaguar E-Type restoration and servicing, but we can also help you sell your E-Type too - thanks to our consignment services. Our knowledge, passion and professionalism ensure that when you consign your car with us, it achieves the highest possible return.

Thanks to our extensive sales experience in the world of Jaguar E-Types, you can have total peace of mind that we will not only find the best new home for your car, but also work to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with the return on your investment.

At E-Type UK, we’re here to help you every step of the way with the sale of your Jaguar E-Type. This includes ensuring it meets the high level of standard that is expected of the Jaguar E-Types that we sell.

So, should you be concerned that your E-Type requires additional restoration or serving work to achieve the finished result you’re after, we can provide you with a competitive quote to carry out any work that’s required on-site, at our outstanding purpose-built facility, before putting your Jaguar up for sale.

How it works

Selling your classic car through our consignment service is one of the best ways to achieve the price you are looking for. This is particularly true for high-end classic cars - like the beloved Jaguar E-Type.

After consigning your Jaguar E-Type, we leverage the established channels that we have cultivated throughout our specialist career, such as our website and trusted contacts, to ensure you achieve the full value you are looking for. We pride ourselves on our digital-first approach to any and all sales, as maximising online visibility ensures optimum reach and exposure.

Our Track Record

Recognised as one of the leading authorities within the Jaguar E-Type community, we strive to provide only the highest level of service as part of our dedication to the heritage and character of this classic car.

Alongside the notable Jaguar specialist knowledge and expertise that we bring to the table, the work that we do is driven by our passion for the iconic model, as we are E-Type enthusiasts ourselves. This means that our expert team has a specialist interest in the iconic Jaguar E-Type model and understands exactly how the market operates. However, while we are Jaguar E-Type enthusiasts, we keep a keen eye on the ebb and flow of the diverse classic car market as a whole, too.

Having sold some of the most valuable E-Types around, we have consistently proven that we’re able to handle the sale of any Jaguar E-Type with professionalism and devotion.

Just how much is my Jaguar E-Type worth?

Interested in consigning your Jaguar E-Type? Visit our Sold page to see the diverse range of Jaguar E-Types that we have found new homes for.

For any questions or further information about our consignment process, or any of our other services, our team are happy to help! From providing you with expert advice to talking through the finer details, we’re here to offer any support you may need. Get in touch with us today.


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