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Welcome to E-Type UK, we’re situated in the heart of Kent in our purpose built modern E-Type restoration & sales facility. Specialising in only E-Type vehicles, we restore, service and upgrade models to provide the ultimate driving experience for our clients.

We pride ourselves on being well respected and recognised by the E-Type community for restoring E-Type cars to the highest possible standards. We openly encourage our clients to attend our premises to view each restoration through the many stages of each build. It’s our aim to provide total satisfaction, ensuring each E-Type car meets the high standards expected by today’s knowledgeable clientele.

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The Highest Spec E-Type Ever?

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The Grey Grand-Tourer

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The highest spec E-Type we've ever built, you can find all the details on what makes this car so special here:… https://t.co/lpqwoqtTSe

21st November 2017


One of two Opalescent Gunmetal Series 3s we have in for full restorations. This US-delivered car has three of the best upgrades we offer here at E-Type UK. Fuel Injection 💉 Big Bore Exhaust 📣 5-Speed Gearbox 🖐️ Read about the build so far here :https://goo.gl/8GiHHg #jaguar #etype #restoration #jaguaretype #series3 #v12 #fuelinjection

4th December 2017