Welcome to E-Type UK

Welcome to E-Type UK, one of the world’s leading authorities in all aspects of Jaguar E-Types and their ownership. We sell, restore, service and upgrade Jaguar E-Type models to provide the ultimate driving experience for our clients, driven by overwhelming passion and a rich, extensive history of classic car restoration.

Situated in Hadlow, the heart of Kent, in our purpose-built, modern E-Type restoration and sales facility, E-Type UK has been returning iconic E-Types to their former glory since 2008. With our knowledgeable, skilled and committed workforce, who ensure that each and every project is completed to the very highest standards, we are committed to getting the best for our clients. We have significant experience in working with classic Jaguars and know how important it is that classic car restoration is done right, therefore we ensure each and every project is completed to the very highest standards, working to what we call The Geneva Principle.

We openly encourage our clients to attend our premises to view each restoration through a build. It’s our aim to provide total satisfaction, ensuring each E-Type car meets the high standards expected by today’s knowledgeable clientele.

Since being founded in 2008, we have become one of the leading authorities in E-Type sales, restoration and upgrades and are really proud to have earnt such a great reputation in the field as a result of our experience and dedication. To find out more about E-Type UK, click here.

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