In 2008, E-Type UK was founded out of the love for the iconic Jaguar E-Type, a company dedicated to all things E-Type. 

The company is run by father and son team, Dominic and Marcus who have spearheaded the growth and development of E-Type UK. Opening in 2017 a dedicated on-site bodyshop to offer one of the few fully integrated E-type restoration offerings. 

In 2021 E-Type UK launched it's first 'Unleashed' E-Type, a car designed and built exclusively to showcase the skill of the employees within the business. The car was launched to positive reviews in a number of press outlets and has received commissions globally. 

Through a combination of passion, professionalism and expert knowledge of the timeless classic car, E-Type UK is regarded a world leading authority within the Jaguar E-Type community, with experience in the sale, maintenance and restoration of Jaguar E-Types. 

Our Services

Thanks to the skills, knowledge and commitment of our dedicated E-Type specialist team, E-Type UK has moved from strength to strength, priding ourselves on providing our clients with the ultimate E-Type experience.

We do this with the help of our well-equipped workshop and restoration centre, one of the finest in the UK, which includes a state-of-the-art bodyshop and a paint booth. It’s these excellent facilities that allow us to ensure that every E-Type demand can be met in-house, and achieved to the highest possible standard.

Alongside our full servicing programme, that covers the entire Jaguar E-Type range, we also specialise in a whole host of services, including but not limited to:

  • Brokerage
  • Restoration
  • Sales
  • Upgrades

You can find out more about each of these services below.

Jaguar E-Type Brokerage

Thanks to our outstanding reputation, we’ve been able to build and cultivate strong global connections, all centred around our main priority: our customers. This is something, alongside our insider knowledge of the classic car market, that we utilise as part of our brokerage service to ensure that your E -Type is sold to a loving new home - with a return on investment that you’re fully satisfied with. We even help to bring your Jaguar E-Type up to the highest standard possible before putting it on the market. Find out more about this on our brokerage service page.

Jaguar E-Type Restoration

We know that Jaguar E-Type restoration is a significant process for any E-Type enthusiast, with trust and responsibility being crucial. At E-Type UK, we restore and build to the exact specification provided by our clients, with all our restorations abiding by ‘The Geneva Principle’.

Many of our seasoned team, who own legendary E-Types themselves and are truly passionate about all classic cars, have won countless awards for their restoration work, including restorations they’ve undertaken at events like Salon Privé and Villa d’Este Concours. Between them, our team has several decades of experience at the highest level of classic restoration and maintenance.

Jaguar E-Type Sales

Our showroom boasts a range of immaculately restored E-Type models. All of these have been carefully handpicked with the perfectionist touch that E-Type UK is known for. Whether you’re looking for a restoration project of your own or a finished Jaguar E-Type in all its grandeur, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect E-Type to fall in love with. Visit our showroom to browse our available models.

Jaguar E-Type Upgrades

Renowned as the pioneers of the V12 and XK fuel-injection systems, as well as five-speed gearboxes for the Jaguar E-Type, we’re the experts when it comes to E-Type upgrades. Alongside the standard upgrade packages that we offer, we also cater to bespoke upgrades, all designed to add something unique to the driving experience - while still retaining the originality and integrity of the iconic car.

Our highly capable team is made up of personable and approachable individuals, all of whom show the exemplary levels of dedication, knowledge and professionalism that you’d expect from Jaguar E-Type experts. To start making your E-Type dream a reality, get in touch with our helpful team today and begin your journey today.

​To start making your E-Type dream a reality, please do not hesitate to call us to arrange a visit and begin your journey with our friendly team.

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