2021 at E-Type UK

2021 at E-Type UK

Finishing another whirlwind year for the business, with the market in 2021 arguably in its healthiest and most stable state, 2021 has been one the most exciting years we have had with the business, showcasing the skills and capabilities of the business in our newly launched bespoke building division, UNLEASHED.

UNLEASHED will not stop with just the one iteration, so watch this space as we continue to develop this offering further into 2022.

2021 also saw a number of other changes which included introducing a class-leading automotive storage facility and the introduction of Alastair as Operations Manager. Alastair brings with him a wealth of knowledge and vast experience of the classic car industry.

This leaves with just enough space to thank all our customers, enquirers and admirers for your generous support and trust in the business. On behalf of all the staff at E-Type UK we wish you a very happy Christmas and New Years and look forward to welcoming you back to events at E-Type UK in 2022.

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