3 Hours to Birmingham NEC. Why Not?

Although not exhibiting, we will have two representatives at the NEC Classic Motor Show year throughout the weekend. If you happen to spot them be sure to say hello and ask them any questions you might have.

Venturing to classic car events across the globe to interact with customers and enthusiasts is a regular occurrence and very important to us here at E-Type UK. We feel that face-to-face interaction is by far the best way to pass on knowledge and information, we are always happy to talk.

Of course there will also be plenty of images and brief summary of our experience, if the traffic allows us to get there on a Friday night!

UPDATE - 21st November

A week after the finale of the Classic Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham we have summarised our experience of what certainly felt like the busiest NEC Classic Motor Show we have been to.

Arriving late on a Friday night after what can be only be described as a dismal run around the M25 and up the M40, a quiet beer and brief reflection of how 2017’s show could be better planned to allow for a smoother run. I believe the key take out from this run was, maybe leave a bit earlier than the beginning of rush hour!

Saturday, we were up bright eyed and busy tailed to get stuck into what this year’s Classic Motor Show had to offer. Working our way methodically through each of the five, yes you read that correctly, five halls, we were pleasantly surprised to see an array of classic cars. Not only were there the Ford Escort MK 1, there were modern classics in the form of Porsche, Ford and Mercedes.

It was great to see such a high trade presence at the show, with literally anything and everything catered for, you needed new shoes, hey there were new shoes there for you, sir! Although we must boil it down to some highlights, there were of course plenty of business conversations had and lots to follow up on but nothing was going to beat the great presence of Porsche 924 and even more special the 924 Carrera GT.

Although the highlight must be the Toyota 2000 GT, only 351 of this model were made and it was a real gem. Hidden away in the corner of Hall 5 next to the Nissan stand was this gorgeous looking Toyota built between 1967 and 1970 and current examples nearing a million pounds there was no question for us this was the highlight of the show.

Fair to say we will be at next year’s show, although potentially a little earlier than this year leaving

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