Driving Your Classic Car During Winter

The winter months are not the best for driving and many classic car owners are wary of driving their car in the harsh conditions. This can often mean storing your car through the winter months to avoid any unnecessary damage to your car. But you don’t have to stop driving your classic car and hide it away just because of the cold weather. You can still enjoy driving your classic car as long as you are cautious and follow our winter driving tips to take care of your car in the bad weather.

Check for Any Existing Damage

Before you decide to take your classic car for a drive, you should make sure you check for any existing damage that could get worse. If you already have problems with your classic car, such as rust, then the cold weather could aggravate these issues and make them worse. It’s worth getting these issues repaired before you think about taking your car out in the bad weather. You should also make sure you check things like your battery charge to make sure that the car will start in the cold weather.

Winter Tires

You should also make sure that you check the condition of your tires before you plan on taking your classic car out for a drive. It is likely that the tires on your car might not have been replaced for a while and the tread will have become worn over time. Snow tires can be worth the investment during the winter months as they will give your classic car that extra grip in cold and icy conditions. Even if you have new tires on your car you should make sure you check the tread to ensure they haven’t been worn down too badly.

Be Prepared

Make sure that you leave plenty of time to get your car ready before taking it out for a drive as this will put less stress on the vehicle. Start your engine and let the car run for a little while before you set off on your drive, you could also turn on the heating the warm the car. This might mean planning your drive in advance and making sure you leave enough time to run the engine first. You should also make sure you leave enough time to clean your car after a drive as it is likely to get dirty in the cold weather.

Preventing Rust

One of the main worries of driving your car in the winter is the possibility of rust and corrosion to your car. But you can still drive your car in the winter without having to worry about the wet and cold weather causing rust. Cleaning your car after you have taken it for a drive is a big part of this, and cleaning it straight away can make the job easier. This will remove the dirt and a lot of the moisture from the car and avoid rusting. You could also use a good wax on the bodywork to make sure that is protected during the winter.

Making sure that you run your car and take it for a drive at least once a month is one of the best ways of ensuring that it remains in good condition. By following our guide you can keep your classic in great condition and still drive throughout the winter.

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