How to sell a classic car

How to Sell Your Classic Car

The likelihood is that you're here because you're thinking about selling your classic car, or at least considering the possibility. We know that when it comes to classic cars, there's an emotional value as well as the financial value to consider, and that there's the potential to be dealing with large figures due to the unique nature of products in the classic car market.

So, if you're thinking "I want to sell my classic car", the information we've put together for you here is a valuable start. Get in touch with us at E-Type UK if you want to sell your classic car; we have reliable and trusted solutions for a hassle-free process.

Is it hard to sell a classic car?

It's not easy introducing an example to the market by yourself, it is even harder to achieve your desired return. Classic cars are unique, with each marque acting differently in today's market, however, a well looked after classic car in good condition, will always be attractive respectively in its own field, with you standing to make an excellent sum with a few careful choices. The most key aspect to succeeding in achieving the desired sales figure is to make the most of the skills and expertise of classic car marque specialists. Living and breathing classic cars, classic car specialists offer the best solution for achieving the fairest deal, placing your classic car into the right spaces of buyers likely to be interested in your car, and is something E-Type UK can help with. 

Have you recently serviced and inspected your classic car?

It's an important part of the process when you're selling your classic car. Knowing that everything is as it should be is a great comfort to you as well as buyer, and servicing provides this reassurance. When you're looking for your car to be serviced, using a classic car specialist offers a wealth of benefits. Their knowledge of classic car marques in both repairs and restoration will mean you're able to confidently put an honest product on the market with a price tag to match.

Today's buyers are typically very knowledgeable around their future purchases, resulting in your classic car being put under the microscope. The benefits of having a classic car specialist undertake a service and inspection on your classic, offers any potential buyer the confidence that the car has been certified by the right people. A recently serviced classic car by industry professionals shows your potential buyers your car is well maintained and offers reassurance for future motoring.

Have you had your classic car valued?

An important aspect in any sale is knowing how much your asset is worth and therefore being able to price it accordingly. While you might be able to research classic car values yourself, the best option for clearly identifying how much the car is worth, what the market looks like and how much you can expect to get for it, is contacting a classic car specialist. At E-Type UK we are able to confidently guide you through the current values, health of the market and suggest next steps that might even increase your initial expected sale return for your classic car.

Do you know how to market your classic car for sale?

Anyone can place a classic car for sale, appropriately and competitive marketing that car is the difficult part. Standard listing methods aren't as effective for classic and vintage cars, resulting in your classic car being lost in what is becoming a crowded market. More proactive alternatives to marketing your car yourself may include sharing information with forums/ enthusiast groups, or even attending classic car events with a 'for sale' sign, but these methods are time consuming to the individual.

Getting specialist cars in front of the right buyers can prove difficult and the best solution often proves to be the aid of classic car consignment with a trade specialist. E-Type UK offers great sales solutions and answers to selling your classic car in an efficient and hassle-free way. We are uniquely positioned to help you sell your E-Type and take away the stress of a sale, with years of expertise, experience and dedication. Today's buyers are looking for trust and confidence in their purchase, which inherently comes naturally through a purchase with a reputable classic car specialist such as E-Type UK.

When is the best time to sell a classic car?

Judging the market is critical, and the season plays a big role in the time you decide to sell your classic car. When you consider the time, you should take into account the amount of money your potential buyer has in their pocket at any given time - January is always going to be a much leaner month, and spring/summer will always be a more prosperous time. Secondly, you should consider the type of car you're selling, for example, a car with a convertible roof is less likely to receive as much interest in the Winter compared to the Summer where it is a hot commodity. Regardless of roof or no roof, selling in an international space helps to overcome these seasonal drawbacks.

How to prepare your car for the next owner?

You can't navigate a sale without good preparation, and naturally, your classic car needs to present in the best possible way for you to get the greatest financial compensation your car is worth. As for the new owner, they're looking for the best possible product they can find in a very competitive market, which means it's all the more in your interest to show that your classic car is the best option. It is worth considering investing in having your classic car professionally detailed, giving attention to the exterior, interior and engine bay. With many competitively priced companies specialising in classic car detailing, this route of sale preparation might very well be the defining factor in receiving an attractive offer.

In Summary...

This guide should help you with everything you need to know to sell your classic car with ease. E-Type UK has a long and successful track record in classic car sales, and we share your passion and care for your classic car; if you have a classic Jaguar E-Type for sale, we're well-positioned to help you. Whether our expertise can assist you in selling your classic car directly or indirectly, or we're able to help you with restoration work prior to your sale, then we're here and happy to help. Click here to learn more about our consignment services.

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