Is a Jaguar E-Type the Right Classic Sports Car for You?

As a classic sports car enthusiast, there’s nothing more exciting than researching and deciding on the next vehicle to add to your collection. However, you’ll also likely know that due to the ever-increasing number of classic sports cars on the market, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you.

As a renowned Jaguar specialist, here at E-Type UK, we don’t shy away from the fact that we’re pretty big fans of the Jaguar E-Type. However, we also know every classic sports car lover looks for different things in a car.

With that said, we think the Jaguar E-Type has something to offer everyone. Here’s a rundown on just why this classic car has so much to offer.

Style from every corner

When the Jaguar E-Type first launched back in 1961, it was met with fierce competition from many other sports cars at that time, including the Aston Martin DB4,  Ferrari 250 GT and Porsche 356. However, the E-Type was able to carve a name for itself right away, thanks to its unique style and aerodynamics.

With its sleek and lightweight design, weighing just 1315kg, the E-type immediately stood out amongst the competition, with Enzo Ferrari offering that all well-known quote. Fast forward to 2020 and the E-Type has stood the test of time, like a fine wine growing better with ages, remaining one of the most stylish classic sports cars on the market today.

E-Type upgrades and restoration

One of the great appeals of being a classic sports car enthusiast is the ability to upgrade and renovate to a better than factory state. With the advancement of automotive technology throughout the years, the Jaguar E-type is now open to a world of reliability and performance upgrades, which is why the Jaguar E-Type is the ideal base for those collectors looking for 1960's style but modern performance. 

Depending on your preferences, E-Type UK can offer your Jaguar E-type a wide range of upgrades from performance cooling, brakes and suspension set-up to modern comforts of power steering, fuel injections and 5-speed gearboxes. These upgrades allow you to appreciate the unique style the Jaguar E-Type offers while ensuring that the vehicle is primed for modern driving or racing.

Buying a Jaguar E-Type

When it comes to buying classic sports cars, prices can also vary drastically depending on the car on offer. As a result of its exceptional legacy that the Jaguar E-Type has created for itself over the years, the E-type remains a highly desirable and collectable commodity, therefore a great investment. Depending on your budget there are countless avenues you can choose from when purchasing a Jaguar E-type, such as if you are enthusiast pursuing originality then the Series 1 is for you but if you prefer to explore the global in your classic then perhaps the grand touring capabilities of the Series 3 V12 is for you. With the market competitively priced compared to other cars on the market, you will be able to find the right car for you. 

If you’re looking for E-Types for sale, look no further than us here at E-Type UK. As Jaguar specialists, we’ll work with you to ensure you get a Jaguar E-Type that’s right for you.

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