Jaguar E-Type 60th Anniversary

The Jaguar E-Type is the vintage sports car that every classic car enthusiast loves. Incredible curves, the distinctive long bonnet and an impressive performance are just a few of the reasons why the E-Type has become so iconic.

First bursting onto the scene in 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show, the classic Jaguar E-Type is about to arrive at its 60th anniversary. While most cars don’t celebrate their birthday, the E-Type is not your average car. Enthusiasts from all over the country - and beyond! - are preparing to mark the 60th anniversary in style.

Remembering the Arrival

In order to fully understand the 60th year tributes which are being made, it’s necessary to revisit the arrival of the Jaguar E-Type. Due to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar were adjusting with and perfecting the car right up to the last minute.

And when we say the last minute, we really do mean the very last minute as it only arrived at the motor show 20 minutes before the public were due to arrive! A volunteer from the headquarters in Coventry, UK, had to hotfoot the 700 miles to Switzerland as quickly as they could, driving the car to the show.

If that wasn’t stressful enough, Sir William Lyons - the Jaguar founder - ordered another member of staff to repeat the feat the next day. Faced with an unexpected deluge of orders, Jaguar were receiving an unprecedented number of requests to take potential buyers out for a spin. A second car was requested from the showroom, so once again, a dedicated employee sped across Europe, arriving in Geneva just 11 hours later.

These infamous journeys to deliver the car to the adoring public have become almost as well-known as the car itself!

Limited Edition E-Types Released

To mark the occasion, Jaguar is releasing six pairs of Jaguar E-Types as a limited edition production. You’ll need to be quick to snap any up, as demand is expected to be high. The only drawback is that you can’t buy one of these cars separately; you either have to buy a pair of limited edition E-Types - or not at all.

Each pair will be identical, with one fixed head coupe in “Flat Out Grey” and an E-Type roadster in “Drop Everything Green”. The colours have been specifically chosen not just for their classic shades, but named as a tribute to the two rushed journeys that were made from Coventry to Switzerland in 1961.

Under the bonnet you’ll get an engine that’s inspired by the original spec, a six-cylinder 3.8-litre engine that offers 220bhp.

Pricing hasn’t been confirmed but the pair of E-Types are expected to cost in the region of £650,000.

Celebrate in Style

If you’re not one of the lucky six individuals who manages to get their hands on the limited edition E-Type, you can still join in the fun with one of the many celebrations which are being organised across the nation.

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