Our Guide to Caring For Your Classic Car

Owning and driving a classic car is a dream for many people and it will often be your most prized possession. For this reason, many people spend a great deal of time caring for their classic car to make sure they keep it in good working order. But classic cars often require a greater deal of car than a regular car in order to maintain its value and keep it in good condition. But many people are unsure what kind of care they need to give their car and what is necessary when it comes to caring for it. We have put together a guide to caring for your classic car to give you some top tips on things you should know when it comes to caring for your car.

Keep it Clean

This might seem like the most obvious care tip when it comes to caring for any car, but it is really important you keep a classic car clean. This is because dirt and grime can damage the paintwork on your car and if left can cause permanent damage. Classic cars are also more susceptible to rust due to their age so it is important to keep your car clean to avoid any such damage. Regularly cleaning your car will make sure that it is free of dirt and dust and also should help to avoid permanent damage to your car. Having a good car cover can also help to keep any dirt or dust off your car to keep it nice and clean.

Good Car Wax

Another top care tip for your classic car is to use a good car wax to make sure you really bring out the shine in the paintwork and help to protect it. A good car wax will provide a protective and durable coat to your paintwork and protect it from damage. It can be difficult to know which car wax is good, however, and which one you should consider using to protect your classic car. There is a wide range of different types of car wax and they often vary hugely in price, costing anything between £10 - 100. What you want to look for is a durable car wax that will last on your car but doesn’t take a great deal of time to apply. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax is a good choice.

Changing the Oil

One thing that will help keep the engine in good running order is changing the oil to ensure that it doesn’t degrade. A typical car service schedule will only suggest changing the oil every 12,000 miles. However, this is not necessarily the same with classic cars. This is because classic cars will typically only be driven short distances but might be driven regularly. Oil can also degrade in an engine over time and with use so it can be a good idea to change the oil in your classic car more regularly. You should consider changing it at least once a year or even every six months if you drive it often. Although this can be a messy job it can really help to keep your engine in good running order and avoid expensive repairs.

Take it out for a Drive

A lot of people are worried about taking their classic car out for a drive as they want to maintain a low mileage on the car. But leaving your car idle can cause problems with the engine and lead to broken parts. By simply taking your car for a short drive regularly, you can help to keep it in good running order. Even just taking it for a short drive around town can really help to keep your engine in good working order.

By following these simple tips you can care for your classic car to make sure that you keep it in good working shape. A lot of these tasks are easy to carry out but there is more that can be done to a classic car to keep it in good working order. You should consider a full service on your classic car every year to make sure all issues are found quickly and repaired before they become worse. We provide services for your classic car at our dedicated workshop.

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