Goodwood 75th Members' Meeting

Leaving a classic car show, no matter what cars are on display, you can’t help but feel slightly underwhelmed. Well this is the case for us anyway, the urge and want to see these cars roar into life and be driven is always there, to ensure you attain the full classic car experience. The sounds, the smells and the feeling you get even when an engine is simply running is worlds away from the standard: looking at a car sitting there under artificial lights. This is the reason that the events that Goodwood host are our favourites, it’s a shame they only come three times a year.

The Members’ Meeting is the best out of all three, two days of watching the most exciting racing from all eras of motorsport. Whilst a limited number of tickets means the circuit and its grounds aren’t overcrowded. The atmosphere is fantastic before the racing has even begun, watching mechanics from various classic racing teams prepare and warm up the fire-breathing machines whilst on-lookers stand as close as they dare.

The most-anticipated race for us was the Graham Hill Trophy, where 1960s GT cars including: E-Types, Shelby Cobras and Bizzarrinis slid themselves around Goodwood Circuit, fighting for the top spot. After an exciting battle between two American-engined, British-bodied cars, the TVR Griffith of Mike Jordan took 1st place infront of two Shelby Cobras. Although not fighting for the lead, there was intense competition between E-Types and others in the middle of the field, with CUT 7 (the only FHC) finishing top of the E-Types.

Watching these multi-million pound classics being driven the same way they would in period is truly stunning to watch and listen to, as the sound is immense! We cannot wait for the 76th Members’ Meeting, a strongly recommended event!

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