Classic & Sports Car Magazine Features an E-Type

This stunning V12 OTS Series 3 Jaguar E-type was chosen as the featured car in Classic & Sports Car Magazine’s May issue.

Entitled “Jaguar’s Epic V12 - Fast, smooth and practical: why the S3 E-type is on the rise” the article featured E-type UK’s S3.

This 1974 Series 3 V12 Jaguar E-type with only 19,000 miles on the clock is a stand out example of originality and is available in a striking combination of azure blue and cinnamon leather.

Deputy Editor Malcolm Thorne spent a day of driving this Series 3 and was hooked. “It seems a strange paradox, then, that today people are happy to plough large sums into upgrading earlier cars when Jaguar has already done that for them.”

If you have the opportunity to read the article we hope you enjoy it.

If you would like to view this azure blue Series 3 V12 E-type please do not hesitate to contact E-Type, based in Kent on 01732 852 762 or

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