Featured: Classic Jaguar Jun/Jul 18


If you've grabbed a copy of the latest issue of Classic Jaguar, jump to page 74 and you'll see a number of our stunning restoration projects in their completed glory. Spread across 4 pages in 'Buying - Jaguar E-Type Series 1', written by Paul Guinness. With the Series 1 becoming the collectors prefered E-Type and with values for the Series rising greatly the article guides you through what you are in store for with such a big commitment. The highs and pitfalls.



Fully Restored Series 1 4.2 FHC 1965



Featured on the top right of the fourth page is our recently fully restored 1965 Series 1 4.2 FHC finished in Opalescent Green a beautiful
tan leather interior, not a combination you usually see but fingers crossed it catches on because... well just look at it.

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