Engine rebuilds with e-type uk

In the E-Type Club May 2020 Issue you will find that one of our clients has submitted an interesting informative read focused on the engine rebuild of his 1964 Series 1 fixed-head coupe, to show to other members considering doing the same.

Having noticed a few issues with his engine as well as deciding it was “lacking something”, the client was contemplating his choices on how to increase his engines power. He states in the article that the cheapest option for him would have been to “just overhaul the head for increased power”, however he kept thinking that he was “only doing half the job”, leading to him considering a complete rebuild for his Series 1.

The client made the decision of “entrusting this work to one of the most professional E-Type companies around” and bringing his car here to us at E-Type UK where we were able to carry out his engine rebuild alongside fitting multiple performance upgrades to his desired requirements. His freshly rebuilt engine is now upgraded to fast road specifications with rebuilt carburettors, a full stainless steel sports exhaust system and much more…

Since the article has been released, his 1964 Series 1 project has been fully completed, tested, and returned for him to thoroughly enjoy after the lockdown restrictions are over.

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