Featured: E-Type Club | Tailor-made V12

Tailor-made V12

In the latest monthly magazine from The E-Type Club, James Page reviews our reborn and repackaged V12, custom-made specifications helping the customer to achieve their E-Type dream.  “Even for a company that specialises in E-Type upgrades, this is pretty extreme… completely reworked by the specialists at E-Type UK … producing something unique and tailored to the client’s exact requirements.” James Page, E-Type Club journalist.

E-Type UK is now taking order to create our next Jaguar E-Type Series 3 'High Spec' edition. Having recently completed the hugely popular 1974 example capable of offering thunderous performance and smooth grand touring capabilities while maintaining the essence of what makes the E-Type an icon of its time, we are now accepting commissions to birth another spectacular jaw-dropping model. If you'd like to create something one of a kind and need E-Type UK to help execute your vision to your exact specification, please get in touch by phone: +44 (0) 1732 852 762 or email: marcus@etypeuk.com.

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