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How to buy an e-type

The Latest from Goodwood Road & Racing is this article on “How to buy a Jaguar E-Type”, featuring our MD, Marcus Holland, who talks you through how to go about purchasing your very own Jaguar E-type. Marcus offers market insights, purchasing tips and overall advise in getting into one of these classics.

When it comes to purchasing an E-Type, the article features our Managing Directors advice and pointers towards buying the right E-Type for you. “There will always be peaks and troughs and it’s always best to look at E-type ownership as a long-term proposition. The best advice is to buy one because you love it and want to drive it, not because you want to make money on it.” 

E-Type UK has featured as having “reinforced its position among the most renowned E-type specialists in the country”. As a company where our restorations have won awards and offering a range of upgrade options, we are considered “very much part of a new wave of specialists looking after all aspects of the E-type, often for a new, younger generation of owners – one not used to old-car quirks and unreliability.”

So, which E-type to go for? Roadster or fixed-head coupe? Two seats or the (longer wheelbase) 2+2 coupe? Open or faired-in headlights? Evocative straight-six power or the turbine-like thrust of the V12? All are questions the would-be E-type owner must face - Read more in the Goodwood article today.

Goodwood Road & Racing | Buying a Jaguar E-type

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