Since we started up in 2008, we have been dedicated to providing the best customer service for all of our customers. We realise that for many owners, their Jaguar E-Type, or decision to purchase one, is often born out of passion, and enthusiasm for this iconic vehicle. 

With this in mind, our vastly experienced (and award winning) staff do their best to put all of our customers minds at ease, leaving them secure in the knowledge that when it comes to the Jaguar E-Type care, your vehicle couldn’t be in safer hands.

As a company we have continued to provide excellent service and top class care for our customers and continually work to improve the work that we do. 

Whether you are interested in buying a Jaguar E-Type, or looking to upgrade, restore or sell one, we have built an outstanding reputation for the services we provide, and the testimonials below are some of the evidence of that. 

  • Professionalism, competence, availability, kindness - these are just some of the qualities that define the E TYPE UK team at the service of its customers and of the most beautiful car in the world.

    Showroom Sales | Series 1 Roadster
  • Double thumbs certified! Went for a ride-along in an exquisitely restored ‘field find’ Series 1. Shout out to E-Type UK for bringing it back from the dead.

    The Sunday Times Driving
  • You don't want an E-Type, you want an E-Type UK E-Type

    Alex Goy | The Sun
  • Series 3 E-Types are meant to be unloved. But you might love this one

    Stephen Dobie | Top Gear
  • Rebuilt, remastered, reinvented - can’t teach an old cat new tricks? We beg to differ.

    Gentlemens Journal
  • This isn't just a good Jaguar. It's a great sports car. It has that magical power to transform your mood, making for an exhilarating experience.

    Classic Jaguar Magazine
  • We negotiate the town with its weekday traffic, but the engine doesn't miss a beat, then reluctantly return to base, reflecting on the fact that this E-Type provides an experience that is easily as good as, if not better than, a totally original Series 3 car.

    The Telegraph
  • Younger, remastered versions like E-Type UK's Series 3 are becoming a more attractive proposition by the day.

    Square Mile Magazine
  • It doesn't get better than this

    Maxim Online
  • All I can say job well done so pleased with it, the only problem that I have the sound that it makes makes me want to go faster.

    Mr. P. Sauro | V12 Fuel Injection
  • Professional, reliable, and contactable, was delighted with the cover article in Classic and Sports Car, I would defiantly sell my E-type through E-Type UK again.

    Mr. J. Marton | Brokerage
  • The Plan was to take the E Type Series 2 to Classic Le Mans via a circuitous route of nearly 2000 miles, with some unsuccessful attempts to get the car "sorted", I took it to E Type UK. With the trip to Le Mans done, the car performed faultlessly. My sincere thanks to the E-Type UK team, I love my car again.

    Mr D. Jankelow | Le Mans Prep
  • We were impressed at the service E-Type UK provided in supporting our car purchase - a painless return to classic car ownership for us with very good support at each stage. We would have no hesitation in recommending E-Type UK to any prospective purchaser.

    Mr & Mrs K | Purchasing an E-Type
  • The E-Type UK team were very professional in the purchase of my E-type and export to Portugal. Thank you for going the extra mile

    D.Buckle | Purchasing an E-Type
  • I'd had some work done previously by E-Type UK and was very pleased with the quality of work, so when I decided to undertake more drastic surgery to my E-Type there was only one place to go. I now have a super reliable and fast car that is easy to live with.

    Mr G. Slade | Le Mans prep
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