A Classic Combination

A Classic Combination

Commissioned by a customer to complete a full restoration on a Series 1 FHC Jaguar E-Type which included sourcing the vehicle. Having found a suitable E-type in the snowy Norwiegn mountains, the car began making its way down to arrive at our Kent based HQ, however, the excitement came later when it came to light that this 1964 Series 1 fixed head coupe LHD left the factory in Pearl Grey with a Dark Blue interior. The heritage correct finish is an uncommon and rare combination to see these days, offering a breath of fresh air from the Gunmetal Greys and Red interior finished cars that seem to be the 2018 favourite. When restored this car will be a stunning matching numbers Series 1 fixed head coupe finished in a head-turning original Jaguar combo.

Once the customer had decided to return this classic back to its factory finish combination, pleasing everyone here at the E-Type UK, the restoration team set out inspecting the vehicles metalwork to asses the required work to be undertaken. It became clear that the E-type's shell had numerous rusted area signifying the car needed to be sandblasted to provide a clean and fresh base to work from. 

Ready for metalwork

After being shipped off to be blasted the E-type returns back to the workshop finished in primer preventing any further rust. However, the suspicions of extensive metalwork were confirmed, as it appears the team have their work cut out for them. Once inspecting the existing metalwork the jobs list is tallied up and required work features new floors, all new sills, rear chassis, gearbox tunnel, bulkhead repairs, inner and outer rear wings and the list goes on. The E-type is moved into the metalwork area ready to undergo its transformation. Another item of the long job list is the repair of the supplied bonnet. Arriving as separate panels the team get to work mock assembling the bonnet. With a straight forward assembly, it becomes clear the bonnet requires minimal adjustments.

Be sure to watch this space for an update for how the metalwork is coming along.

Metalwork Update

Since being wheeled into metalwork the team have started removing the rotten and unusable panels which in this case was BOTH floor and rear bulkhead. When removing the floor and bulkheads it is important to maintain a square base, to ensure this, braces are temporarily put in place supporting the shell and roof. Adding to the removed scrap pile the team also cut out other rotten areas such as the gearbox tunnel, kick panels, rear chassis legs and inner and outer sills. 

A new Series 1 floor, rear bulkhead and rear chassis legs are sourced, assembled and mounted to the body jig. Once the team are happy the shell is lowered on to the new floor to be aligned. With the necessary areas welded in place to hold the shell to the new floor, attention is moved to the gearbox tunnel. After measuring and ensuring alignment is spot on for the new gearbox tunnel, the team prepare to permanently fit the new panels before moving onto fixing the new frames and trial fitting the recently assembled new bonnet. 



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