Back To Where It Began

Back To Where It Began

It all started in Kent for this Series 1 4.2 Fixed Head Coupe, having left Henlys London in 1965 and delivered to the first registered keeper in Beckenham, June the same year. The E-Type spent the next 40+ years on the beautiful Kentish roads in the garden of England, until 2007 where the Series 1 was shipped to its third owner in Koerich, Luxembourg. Skip forward nine years and this truly British car has returned home to Kent and begins its restoration story with E-Type UK.

And so it begins

Once delivered to our Kent based facility, the team began their inspection of the vehicle establishing the work required. While the vehicle arrived as a driving MOT car, the metal work told a different story, proving you can't judge a book by its cover. A closer look revealed that rot had spread throughout the Series 1 meaning the car required the full works. With the client on board for a full nut and bolt restoration, the team begins fully stripping the car until just the E-Type shell remains, prepping the E-Type ready to be sandblasted.

Returning from being sandblasted the metalwork team can see exactly what they have got in store and its a lot. Long-term exposure to the wet British climate is not particularly kind to any car and this Classic Jag has definitely had a difficult run, returning showing extensive rust and heavy pitting throughout the shell. Once reviewed it was only a handful of elements that could be salvaged such as the roof, front and rear bulkheads, gearbox tunnel, both doors and seat posts including the tailgate panel, whereas everything else would require either fabricating or brand new panels. 

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