Blue E-Type For Blue Skies

Blue E-Type For Blue Skies

An Open Two Seater, British country roads, and the blue Spring skies. Exactly what our client was dreaming of when he decided to take on a 3.8 Litre E-type restoration project and requested for it to be complete for Spring of 2017. A wonderful dream and one our team can get straight into making a reality!

Follow the progress of this stunning E-type 3.8 OTS as we turn it from a shell into show-winning excellence in time for Spring of next year. This early Series 1 E-type was built on 21st March 1962 and shipped off to New York, U.S.A under a month later. Today it is painted beautifully in its original Opalescent Dark Blue and has been specified to have Oxblood Red interior instead of the original Dark Blue.

The owner has also specified a number of upgrades to ensure this E-type runs and drives as well as it looks. These include:
5 Speed Gearbox
Aluminium Radiator and Header Tank
Fully Adjustable Rear Coilovers with Adjustable Front Shocks
Billet 4 Pot Front Calipers with Vented Discs and SS Rear Calipers
4.2 Servo Conversion
123 Electronic Ignition

We look forward to creating a flawless classic icon that can be enjoyed and admired by many with this Jaguar E-Type restoration.


With the shell back from the bodyshop the restoration is well underway with the suspension and most of the wiring loom fitted.

Due to the workshop restoration team being bored during the many hours of bodywork, each part of the car was prepared in advance so they can be bolted straight onto the car once back. Therefore the team has made very quick progress with this early E-type.

As well as the suspension beginning to come together, brake lines have been formed and fitted onto the front frame along with the uprated, 4.2 servo, and pedal box. Inside the car, the main dashboard structure has been fitted and wiring to the instruments and gauges has begun.

The steering assembly fitting will soon be finished and the front hubs will go on along with the uprated brake discs and calipers.


The customer who commissioned this early E-Type was clearly thinking of the practical side of things when they specified what upgrades the Open Two Seater will be adorned with. As well as having the ultimate brake package we have to offer, this E-Type has been given the period modification of cooling holes under the bumpers leading to the front brakes, to aid performance.

After the fitting of the brakes comes the chrome. A very time consuming job that requires a very careful pair of hands, in order not to damage the beautiful paintwork. Each quarter bumper fits very snugly to the bodywork and needs to be adjusted afterwards to fit perfectly straight.

The headlights were next to go in along with the piping for brake cooling, the car is starting to look like a proper E-Type again, and that’s a lovely thing to see.

Up next, the car will be prepared to have the engine and gearbox fitted, with the uprated cooling system going in first.


With the brand new 5 speed gearbox mated to the freshly rebuilt 3.8 litre straight 6, it is time for the body to be lowered and joined to these main components. Once this task is complete, attentions can be turned to getting the engine to fire and successfully run. The aluminium radiator and header tank are plumbed in to the water pump whilst the carbs and fuel system are pieced together and connected up.

Next comes the all-important sports exhaust to transmit that 6-cylinder song to the rear. Watching the beautifully crafted stainless steel pipes come together is a real sight to behold. All the while, other pieces of chrome are being carefully joined onto the pristine blue paintwork: window frames, bonnet trim and A-pillar trims are just some of the detailed parts to this E-Type puzzle.

Once the engine is running, finishing exterior touches will be applied and wiring will be completed before the car goes to have the interior trimmed in beautiful Oxblood Red leather.


After starting the E-Type for the first time (video on our Facebook), it was sent off to be trimmed. Now back with a stunning Oxblood red interior, we sort out the final details such as shut lines and door mechanisms; then we begin the 500-mile shakedown. For what must feel like an eternity for the eager owner, every niggle is ironed out. This time luck has been on our side, only a few issues have surfaced and perfection is on the horizon.

With a fresh MOT, there are just a few more decisions for the owner to make before we can finish this beautiful OTS and hand it over in time for the summer. For now, please enjoy the latest photos of the almost-complete car!


55 years after its day of manufacture, this Series 1 3.8 OTS is now complete once again in its original colour. Please enjoy the final photos of the car in all its glory!

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