Changing the View on the Series 2

The Series 2 E-Type is most definitely seen as the ugly duckling of the E-Type family, this is no longer the case with this 1969 example, after going through an E-Type UK restoration!

This 1969 Series 2 FHC is one of very few Series 2 cars we have had in for a full restoration, which is unfortunate, as the finished product looks absolutely stunning. Our Series 2 restoration was finished in Opalescent Gunmetal Grey with Oxblood Red leather interior, this E-Type was taken in by us in Autumn 2012 and only recently been completed as a very gradual Series 2 restoration.

Starting with a “barn-find” Series 2 E-Type in a very sorry state was no surprise to our team who got straight into the strip down, keeping and preserving all saveable original parts along the way. Once this process was complete, it was off to the blasters and bodyshop. The customer opted away from the original colour of Primrose Yellow and decided on a combination more suited to their tastes. A good decision we say!

Back from the bodyshop, the rebuild could begin. Starting with the uprated, sports suspension that had been restored and rebuilt during the time the E-Type was in the bodyshop. The large diameter, vented and grooved front brake discs with 4 pot callipers were the next upgrade to go on (please excuse the old branding) to help keep the car in check during the exploitation of the new-found power from our fast road 4.2 litre engine.

After the meticulous rebuild and final cosmetic touches, the E-Type was sent off to have its interior trimmed; the customer specified Oxblood Red leather to compliment the Gunmetal Grey exterior nicely. They also specified to have leather in place of where there would normally be vinyl trim, such as on the interior sills and boot floor, which makes the interior just as easy on the eye as the exterior is.

Now back residing with its faithful owner in time for spring, this Series 2 E-Type can finally be enjoyed and admired by many. E-Type UK thoroughly enjoyed carrying out this Series 2 restoration to transform the car as we do with all our Jaguar E-Type restorations. We have a dedicated team of specialists to make sure that the car is restored to the highest standards. But we will also work with if you want to change the colour of the car or have specific restorations in mind. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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