Hong Kong to Hadlow

From Hong Kong to Hadlow

With an international reach and recognition, E-Type UK regularly receives commissions from across the global, actioning full Series 1 restorations from the states to full Series 3 upgrade programmes from Hong Kong. Our latest extensive upgrade service undertaken from this region was on a 1971 Series 3 V12 Roadster. A fan of E-Type UK's work for several years, following our activity closely online and via social media platforms, our Hong Kong client decided it was time to give his British V12 Grand Tourer the E-Type UK treatment.

Starting its life as an original home market example, over the years the Series 3 made its way to China and into the hands of a classic car collector. The owner set out restoring the E-type using Hong Kong-based specialists, however, following bodywork, full respray to Jaguar Black, a Tan leather retrim and a mechanical rebuild, the E-type hit a wall as the Hong Kong garage tasked with the project lacked the knowledge and specialists skills to correctly set-up one of Britain's most icon sports cars. It was at this time the owner decided to ship the classic car back to its home country and into the hands of a skilled team with over a decade of Jaguar E-type sales, Concours restoration and innovation upgrades behind them - E-Type UK. 

After weeks sailing across the Atlantic, the V12 Roadster finally arrived at our Kent HQ ready to start its transformation. Following an in-depth discussion with the client, it was decided this V12 was to be finished to the highest standard, tasked to produce a classic Jaguar E-type that could be used as a Hong Kong daily driver, therefore performance, comfort and reliability were of utmost importance. With a bespoke restoration and upgrade programme in place, the E-Type UK team got to work. 


The first challenge with taking over a restoration is taking stock of where the project currently sits, therefore every inch of the car is inspected to ensure a full understanding for a successful reassembly and set-up going forward.

Establishing the roadsters position the team make a start, first addressing the E-type brakes. To increase performance and reliability for more every day use the E-type is fitted with E-Type UK bespoke designed 4 piston aluminium callipers, green stuff brake pads and vented discs. The rear is given the same treatment introducing fully adjustable shock absorbers to match the front suspension. With the braking and suspension addressed allowing the driver to undertake controlled city driving as well as high-speed motorways, the team turn their attention to the V12's power and running.


With the E-type running now top of mind, the client decided to unleash the V12's full potential with the introduction of fuel injection. It is a commonly overlooked fact that back in the 1970s the Jaguar factory fitted 5.3L V12's were initially engineered to accept fuel injection, a growing in popularity and innovative technology of the time. Jaguar tasked AE Brico with developing their fuel injection system to meet incoming US regulations and exhaust gas regulations, unfortunately, due to technical problems and patent issues, Jaguar never received their system and thus reverted to Zenith-Stromberg carburettors.

As Stromberg carbs are notoriously difficult to set-up, tune and suffer from heat and fuel evaporation, E-Type UK has designed a bespoke V12 Electronic Fuel Injection system, that leverages a modern ECU to relieve the worry and troubles of tuning and reliability. The unique system requires a fully bespoke wiring loom built in-house, modern coil packs and a programmed ECU that increases overall reliability and unleashes the V12's potential to a level that Jaguar had always intended.

Further improving reliability, the E-type is also treated with a full upgraded cooling system, featuring an aluminium radiator, header tank and silicone hoses. While improving the V12 running a new full stainless steel sports exhaust is fitted with 12 branch tubular manifolds, providing a mouth-water look and soundtrack.


With the E-types running now on par with modern sports car performance, the project progresses to the interior and cabin comfort. As the E-type is destined to return to the high humidity climate of Hong Kong, driver comfort needs to be addressed, resulting in the installation of air conditioning. Through our custom-fitted fresh air system, we are able to offer a reliable AC system that supplies fresh cold air to the cabin via the original air ducts, all from an AC unit installed in the engine bay replacing the existing heater box. The AC condenser, compressor and alternator are neatly and subtly installed to ensure no visual disruption to the freshly restored engine bay.


Since the E-type arrived at E-Type UK, retrimmed in full Tan leather, the roadster was treated to further bespoke touches to create a unique cabin appearance. Being a Jaguar lover, the client decided to include a nod to the early original E-type models via the installation of a bespoke built aluminium centre console and dash. The design was paired with painted Piano Black dash fascias with chrome gauge bezels, finally fitting an integrated retrofit radio system with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, quick release sports Moto-Lita steering wheel and all-new retrimmed black soft top.


Now entering its final stages, the Jaguar E-type is fitted with all new chromes and exterior brightwork, including headlight surrounds, grill and overriders. To give the E-type that final subtle modern touch, the roadster was fitted with a LED headlight conversion, offering the driver reassurance of clear and safe night time driving.

Following extensive testing to ensure max performance upon its return to Hong Kong, the Jaguar E-Type Series 3 roadster is finished. That which had arrived to us as a partially restored V12, today returns to an eagerly waiting owner, as a high performance and reliable British Grand Tourer, packed full of subtle modern touches and enthusiast nods, ready for all and any driving environment the car is faced with.


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