Luxurious V12 Grunt

Luxurious V12 Grunt

With over a decade of experience and knowledge around restoring these British legends, E-Type UK is perfectly positioned to provide you with your dream E-type. It takes a great deal of expertise to restore a concours worthy classic and unfortunately not everyone has the level of skill required. This Series 3 owner experienced this fact first hand, having handed over his pride and joy V12 E-type to a body shop for an exterior repair and respray. It quickly became clear to the owner that the commissioned party lacked the skill needed to restore the car to its former glory.

After pulling the car from its ongoing process, the client made the decision to commission E-Type UK to start again and fully restore the E-type, finishing this original UK 2+2 V12 to a high performance yet reliable specification, allowing the owner to tour his classic in comfort and style.

starting a new

The difficulty of picking up a semi-started project is finding a sensible starting point. Since this V12 example had already had its paint removed, some repairs and paint preparation started, the team took into consideration the client's end goal and it only made sense to start a new! The E-type was fully stripped with all parts and components catalogued and stored, and the shell was media blasted to ensure no repairs or corrosion had been missed by the last restorer, this highlighted the following required areas:

  • O/S rear wing
  • Floor plan
  • Inner and outer sills
  • Kick panels
  • Lower door skins
  • Jacking points

The team start with the removal of these damaged areas and start installing the new required panels. Alongside this work, the team also make local repairs to the inner wheel arches, boot floor and inner and outer bowls.

 A new coat

Working off a complete and solid base, the shell is given to our paintwork team. An integral phase of the E-types restoration, the paint preparation process is where the team ensure exceptional lines, gaps and surface for the paint to be applied to. Once filled and primed the shell is ready for that all-important step - paint application! 

  • A minimum of 9 litres of Opalescent Gunmetal 2-PAC paint is applied
  • Subjected to numerous coats of solid and high-quality clear coat, the E-type's bodywork is complete! 
  • Now to be flat and polished before moving to the workshop for rebuild.

Oxblood Red trim

Following completing its bodywork phase, finished in Opalescent Gunmetal, the E-type entered the workshop and the team began preparing the E-type for trim. To do this the E-type is made into a rolling shell with its fully rebuilt IRS fitted, front suspension built up and right-hand drive steering installed. The team also runs the E-types wiring loom from front to back, building up the interior dash and instruments. Once rolling, the E-type is fully retrimmed, finished in a striking Oxblood Red trim, a mixture of fresh leather and matching carpets.

Built to last

Since being retrimmed to Oxblood Red, this Series 3 2+2 has had all necessary components run and fitted to now accept its iconic V12 XK engine. Now fully rebuilt, the V12 has also been fitted with E-Type UK's V12 Fuel injection engine upgrade, with a 'side draft' system with individual throttle bodies. The new specification is paired with an all-new 5-speed gearbox and finished with tubular stainless steel exhaust manifolds - watch the engine installation below.

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