Restoring Celebrity Status

Restoring Celebrity Status

Due to an unfortunate accident, this 70’s classic was battered and bruised after a summer fender bender. The Series 3 arrived at E-Type UK’s Kent-based facility for bodywork crash repair and respray to the existing Jaguar finish, Willow Green.

Currently residing in Middlesex, Southeast England, this Series 3 V12 comes with an interesting celebrity status, having been bought new by former famous Liverpool and England legend, Kevin Keegan OBE. Keegan was a known Jaguar E-Type fanatic, recorded to have owned countless E-Type models including this 1972 Series 3 V12 Roadster finished in factory original Willow Green with Biscuit leather interior.


Once the Series 3 arrived at E-Type UK our restoration technicians ran a full inspection to assess the damage of the incident. Much to the owners delight the inspection highlighted that the damage was mostly superficial, and the E-Type’s chassis remained intact.

The E-type was handed to the metal work team who stripped down the exterior of the car, removing all chrome and brightwork which includes removing the bonnet. Once only the shell and interior were left, the car was taped up and the team began stripping the paint back to bare metal.


Now taken back to bare metal the Series 3 is ready to undertake this crash repair process. With all external paint removed the metal work team can view the extent of the damage in its entirety. The next step is to use the dozer tool, metal tags were welded to the existing panels to allow the Dozer to straighten the majority of the crash damage. Further fine alteration are made using heat and planishing tools to carry out the final repairs. The new door is trial fitted followed by the removal and replacement of the nearside sill.

During the initial inspection it came to light the Series 3 V12 had been subjected to previous poor crash repairs to the offside sill and top scuttle which the team will rectify. With some final door adjustments and the crash damaged areas pulled out the metalwork team remove the poorly repaired screen scuttle and fit a new one. Like all things when working with classics, this isn't such a straightforward task. After countless mock fits and adjustments, the team fix in the brand new scuttle. Moving on to the final step of the crash repair before the car can be filled and paint, the S3 damaged bonnet is reshaped. The team hammer out the crash area maintaining the iconic bonnet curve and the perfect lines front to back you expect to see on a well kept Jaguar E-type. This classic V12 is now ready to be filled, primed and painted. 

 An Iconic Shape

After first launching in 1961, the E-Type became established as an icon of the motoring world. 10 years later after the Series 1 captivated the world, the industry was treated to the Jaguar's answer to the huge demand from the US market, the Series 3. With its 5.3L V12 and new longer wheelbase offering more room in every direction, the S3 was identifiable via a large cross-slatted grille, flared wheel arches and overall noticeably curvy body line from its older siblings. When restoring any E-Type model the filler process is a hugely important stage, as at this time the car is given its iconic lines and perfect panel gaps. 

The team begin by applying layer by layer of filler to the E-type shell and newly fixed panels, slowly building up the surface and then sanding back the filler to create a seamless body line. Since arriving at our Kent facility, this ex Kevin Keegan car is starting to looking like a curvy British icon again.

With the Series 3 now boasting 'better than new' lines and gaps, the E-type is given its first round of primer. Building up primer layers help to create a stronger and more ideal base to apply that all important finish too. Initially, all panels are removed from the shell to be sprayed separately, once hardened and block sanded back the panels are fitted back to the shell. During this time the shell is also given a round of Etch primer to protect the panels against corrosion, thus ensuring the Concours paint finish offered by E-Type UK, with the right care will stand the test of time. 

Now nearing the end of its primer process the team prepares to spray the car to its factory finish, Willow Green. Once sprayed the Series 3 will be treated to a full interior retrim.


This Series 3 has had its celebrity status restored, finishing the E-Type in its factory colour - Willow Green.



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