Restoring An Icon | Chassis 309

Restoring Chassis 309

Chassis 875309 (the 309th LHD OTS made) was built on 27th July 1961 and dispatched to USA on 18th August. Originally painted in the very rare Pearl Grey with Black interior and hood, and delivered to F. Schills of Wisconsin new; 309 was owned by the same family up to 2010. It was purchased from the Schills family in a poor state and shipped back to the UK in order to be restored.

Restoration work began immediately and was meticulously carried out until the owner took delivery in 2014. This E-Type was reverted to its original, and purest state during the restoration; meaning every detail is true to how it would have been when it left the factory in summer 1961. From the vibrant pumpkin orange cylinder head, all the way down to making sure the wiring loom straps have white buttons; the devil was in the detail with this build.

309 was snapped up by a Japanese buyer in 2016 who requested a factory hardtop be fitted along with a period-correct HMV radio. Therefore the car now resides in Japan after being flown over in late 2016, and we sincerely hope it is getting the use it deserves as it is a very special E-Type! View the photos from start to end above.

We are currently restoring another early OBL E-Type to concours standard, this time it is chassis 54. You can read every detail about the car here as the build nears completion!

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