The E-Type of Your Dreams

This Series 1 FHC is going through a very gradual restoration until someone snaps it up and decides what they want. Whoever does buy it needs to be quick, if they want to build the E-Type of their dreams.

This 1963 E-Type FHC is a no-expense-spared job. This RHD 3.8 example was a genuine barn-find and the buyer, seeing that the floors and sills were relatively solid, decided to get everything working and drives it as is! It flew through an MOT, with its suspension, brakes, carbs and fuel system rebuilt and sports exhaust added in for good measure; all work was carried out here at E-Type UK. We also provide a check-over and MOT service if you are looking to make sure your personal E-Type restoration is up to standard.

We were the first to know that the car was for sale again and decided it would be a good restoration to undertake. We subsequently bought the car and began work stripping it to a bare shell.

It was sent off to the blasters and the fear of every car restorer became apparent: rust had taken over this Series 1 E-Type (the result of being in a barn with no roof for 12 years). Although there’s no need to worry as the rust is now all removed and the bodyshop team has begun the meticulous process of fabricating and fitting new panels in place of where the rust once was. Our Jaguar E-Type restoration team don’t leave any stone unturned and make sure you have the car of your dreams.

If an enthusiastic buyer (with a different idea of what the car should be) doesn’t come along during the restoration, this Series 1 E-Type will be adorned with every upgrade E-Type UK has to offer to make sure it's the ultimate classic driving experience. Our team can restore the car to your specifications if you want it restored as faithfully to the original as possible, or we can restore the car to your specifcation.

If you have both the initiative and money to spec this early E-Type to your desires, then give us a call. If you have neither of these things then do not worry because you can still follow the restoration of it right here! We carry out a wide range of E-Type restoration at all kinds of stages of the project and post updates of the projects to our website.

You can find more information on the Jaguar E Type sales page.