The Fierce Flat Floor

The Fierce Flat Floor

A highly sought after first-year production flat floor roadster, delivered new to Puerto Rico, later travelling to the UK and sold in auction from an exclusive private collection in 2019. Now at our Hadlow, Kent based facility, this Roadster is set for a grand restoration with a bespoke specification.

  • Desirable 1961 Flat Floor Roadster
  • 841 LHD OTS off the production in 1961
  • Retaining original parts including bonnet welded-in louvres
  • Purchased from auction for a budding enthusiast
  • To be finished as road-going race-inspired 60's classic

Beneath the surface

The team make a start with the restoration shell stripped down, removing all components, preparing the car to be media blasted ahead of metalwork. At E-Type UK all our restorations start from bare metal to ensure the longevity of the build and paint.

  • Removing all brightwork, glass, interior, original 4.2l engine, 4-speed gearbox and mechanical components.
  • The shell is media blasted removing over 50 years of paint.
  • Once returned it is clear the shell requires all new floors, multiple panels and extensive fabrication.


Starting what many consider to be the true start of restoration, this flat floor roadster enters our metalwork area. Having been blasted, the team start removing the corroded and rotten panels, which for this roadster was a lot! With only strong metalwork remaining the team being installing and fabricating the following panels and sections:

  • Complete floor plan (front and boot)
  • Gearbox tunnel
  • Rear bulkhead panel
  • Kick panels
  • Inner and outer sills
  • Sill ends
  • Rear outer arch
  • Bonnet belly pan and inner ducting
  • Bonnet louvres

Following over 400 hours rebuilding this 1961 roadster restoration shell, the E-type is ready for paint preparation!


Following 300 hours of paint preparation, ensuring perfect panel gaps, body panels and surfaces, the E-type is ready to receive the customer's desired colour - Opalescent Gunmetal! First the chassis is seam sealed and treated with stone chip, followed by the interior, boot floor and underneath painted in Opalescent Gunmetal. Next, the painted areas are safely masked to avoid any unwanted overspray, then the shell is sprayed with over 10 litres worth of fabulous Gunmetal, followed by a minimum of 3 coats of high-quality clear coat to create a glass-like finish. To further enhance the colour finish, the E-type will be subjected to hours of flat and machine polishing to lock in the new fantastic Jaguar colour.



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