The Fierce Flat Floor

The Fierce Flat Floor

An exciting and highly desirable first-year production flat floor roadster arrives at the E-Type UK restoration workshop. Purchased by a budding classic car enthusiast through auction, the E-type, from the brochure, appeared to be a no-brainer purchase. Finished in a classic signal red with black trim, this 1961 Roadster was delivered new to Puerto Rico, later discovered by a gentleman in Germany who then returned to the UK and registered the E-type in 2018. The early 3.8 later became part of an extensive and exclusive private collection before being placed into a classic car auction 2019.

Purchased remotely, the E-type was delivered directly to the E-Type UK headquarters in Hadlow, Kent, for inspection. Upon receiving the car, at a first glance the E-type appeared to be in great condition. However, like an iceberg, most of the problems were hidden below the surface! The owner decided to commission a full nut and bolt restoration, with the goal of turning the E-type into a road-going race-inspired 60's classic.

Beneath the surface

Having been given the nod, the team begin stripping the E-type, removing all chrome, glass, soft top and interior and mechanicals, unfortunately, with more components removed, more areas of damage reveal themselves. With the majority of the interior removed the severity of the floor corrosion became clear, with countless poor previous patchwork and rust holes, it was obvious to the team the car required a number of new floor and panel sections. However, you can never be sure of a classic's true metalwork condition until you look beneath the surface. To gauge the condition of the metalwork the E-type is sent away to be fully media blasted.

Returning a week later revealing more corrosion and previous panel work, which hasn't stood the test of time, an extensive parts and job lists was pulled together and the shell is given to our classic Jaguar specialists to transform the car.

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