The Grey Grand-Tourer

Summary of Restoration Project

The last iteration of the E-Type is often praised to be a fantastic GT car with comfortable interior, light steering and the fantastic smooth, powerful V12 engine. This Series 3 OTS came to us in late 2016 for a gradual restoration, starting as a US-market Primrose Yellow car.

It was stripped down as soon as we received it and went into the bodyshop for the long process of fixing previous shabby repairs and most importantly rust. As we delved deeper into the car we noticed it would need new floor pans, sills and other sections as these parts had been patched up and covered over multiple times with different metal. The difference with this restoration is that the owner wanted to retain that as much of the original metal and factory markings including seam sealer etc. as possible. Once a plan was hatched, the cutting could begin with crossed fingers to not discover anymore gremlins underneath. New panels and structures were fabricated then welded to the shell in place of the old, once this was complete the car could move into the filler room to be prepared for paint.



Once the lines are smoothed and bonnet, boot, and door shuts are perfected with the filler, primer is applied along with a guide coat which shows up any imperfections in the shape of the panels. These imperfections are eliminated by a repeated process of rubbing and priming until the spots no longer show up with the guide coat. The shell was then sprayed in Opalescent Gun Metal Grey and flatted then polished until the desired finish was acquired.



The mechanical build-up of an E-Type always begins with the front suspension assembly before the fully rebuilt rear end can be fitted and brakes plumbed in with hand-bent copper-nickel lines. The electrical loom is laid through the car from front to back before the interior electrics can be started on.

We are excited for this project to continue, the owner has specified original spec suspension and steering with the modern usability of fuel injection and beautiful sound and performance of a big bore stainless steel exhaust system with tubular manifolds.

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