The Snetterton Survivor

The Snetterton Survivor

We all love to discover more about our classic Jaguar’s past, asking questions such as: who was the first owner? Where has it spent most of its life? And most importantly, has it been loved and cared for? Unfortunately for this 1964 roadsters' story was swiftly cut short just 3-months into its life and hasn’t had its second chance… until now!

Leaving the production line December 1964, our latest restoration 4.2 roadster was purchased by a young Yorkshire millionaire ‘playboy’, Tom Casson. With money and wild parties his day to day focus, Casson also had a reckless driving past which didn’t bode well for his latest purchase in 1965, a fresh off the production line Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2 roadster. Just 3-months into his ownership, Casson planted his brand-new sports car into the tyre wall at Snetterton Race Circuit, Norfolk.

While the suffered side impact was mostly cosmetic, careless Casson made no attempt to repair the car which resulted in the classic not turning a wheel for the remainder of Tom Casson’s ownership. Subsequently sold, the roadster did receive a new bonnet but unfortunately, the repairs were put on hold, lasting the last 40+ years.

Now in the hands of a true caring Jaguar enthusiast, this 4.2 roadster has been given the second chance it rightly deserves. Arriving at our Kentish countryside headquarters, the E-type is set to begin a full nut and bolt restoration with originality and preservation the leading factor.

The arrival

Upon arrival and inspection of the E-type, our specialists started to find countless signs of the E-type originality and genuine low mileage, certifying the early tragic story of this roadster. Boasting original features across the car such as; original fuel tank, brake reservoir pipes, bonnet locking latches, period dated ignition coil and much more.

Starting the restoration, the team begin stripping the shell, cataloguing parts and preparing the car to be fully media blasted. Once blasted the restoration team will be able to see the true condition of the E-type.

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