The Snetterton Survivor

The Snetterton Survivor

We all love to discover more about our classic Jaguar’s past, asking questions such as: who was the first owner? Where has it spent most of its life? And most importantly, has it been loved and cared for? Unfortunately for this 1964 roadsters' story was swiftly cut short just 3-months into its life, following a Snetterton track day incident by its first owner, a young Yorkshire millionaire ‘playboy’, Tom Casson.  Careless Casson made no attempt to repair the car which resulted in the classic not turning a wheel for 40+ years. Now in the hands of a true caring Jaguar enthusiast and arriving at our Kentish countryside headquarters, the E-type is set to begin a full nut and bolt restoration with originality and preservation the leading factor.

  • Purchased new by a young Yorkshire millionaire 'playboy', Tom Casson.
  • Involved in a Snetterton, Norfolk track day incident just 3 months later.
  • Due to its tragic past, the E-type remains mostly original and untouched.
  • Full matching numbers and believed to be retaining its original paintwork.

The arrival

Upon arrival and inspection of the E-type, our specialists continue to find countless signs of originality and genuine low mileage, certifying the early tragic story of this roadster. The team make a start by stripping the shell, cataloguing parts and preparing the car to be media blasted. The media blasting is a key process of all our E-Type UK restoration as this phase ensures all contaminants are removed, producing a clean canvas for the journey ahead.

During the strip down, the team begin to find more original and rare parts, usually lost or replaced over time, these include:

  • Fuel tank with bumper pad
  • Brake reservoir pipes
  • Bonnet locking latches
  • Period dated ignition coil
  • Door rain tin plate guards
  • Original carb tag

Metalwork Correction

Having been stripped and blasted the team are clear of the task at hand. The media blasting process helped to uncover more of this Roadsters story, behind the paint sat poor repair attempts by other owners in returning this icon to the road. Having gathered the list, the following panels required replacing:

  • Complete front floor section
  • Gearbox tunnel
  • Inner and outer sills
  • Sill ends 
  • Footwell kick panels.


Passionate about E-types, E-Type UK prides itself on the quality of work that is delivered in every aspect of our offerings, with restorations no exception. Providing perfection across the board, all our restorations undergo countless hours of bodywork to ensure our Jaguar E-types are delivered with outstanding body lines, panel gaps and long-lasting paint depth. With the metalwork stage complete, all corrosion removed and new panels fabricated and installed, the E-type begins this important paint preparation phase. With a careful eye, consistently checking lines and edges, the perfect E-type shape takes place! 

A second chance

Due to the nature of the E-type's story and with countless original factory components, the client has decided that the E-type is to be completed towing the fine and difficult line of originality/sympathetic vs complete restoration. Due to only being road-going for 3 months, the trim and seats saw very little use, thankfully today, these items remain in fantastic condition boasting minor damage and charming patina, a result of careful preservation from past custodians. Using heritage trim cleaning methods, the Roadster original Grey seats are deep cleaned, treated and gentle repaired for use but preserving the charming age of the leather. Other original components carefully restored include:

  • Triple SU carburattors
  • 4-speed gearbox
  • IRS housing
  • Front suspension arms
  • Interior and components 

An exact match!

A result of misuse and damage from this E-types earliest months, this Roadster has been preserved for the last 60 years! Boasting countless factory original features, which includes untouched paintwork. While the majority of the paintwork was scraped, scuffed and damaged, some areas allowed the team to machine polish and reveal the fantastic original Opalescent Maroon colour. Using specialist techniques, the team are able to exactly mix and match the factory finished paintwork! With the shell now painted in its factory heritage colour, we are pleased to share an insight into the painting process as the team lay down 3 layers of solid and 3 layers of high quality clear, building a beautiful and mirror-like finish!

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