Unofficially Rare

Unofficially Rare

Following the iconic Series 1 4.2, saw the launch of the E-type Series 2, introducing a number of aesthetic and mechanical changes to the industry-leading British sports car of the 1960s. To bridge the two series of E-types, Jaguar built a Series 1 with, what would soon become, Series 2 features, these included open headlamps, redesigned door cards, and centre console rocker switches, to name a few easily notable factors, these models became known as Series 1 1/2.

Jaguar Heritage Trust has recorded production of the Series 1 1/2 E-types commencing in September 1967, but what many might not know is there is another Series 1/ Series 2 cross-over, unofficially dubbed a Series 1 1/4. The Series 1 1/4, while not an officially documented model by Jaguar, enthusiasts recognise the model for its rarity, as it boasts all the traits of an E-type Series 1, inside and out, with the exception of being the first E-type to introduce open headlamps.

Dispatched in July 1967, this particular LHD roadster falls into this unique category. Records by the JEC*, date the first Series 1 1/2 LHD Roadster to be produced with the chassis number #1E15889, our latest E-type restoration pre-dates this chassis, making this Series 1 1/4 one of the last LHD OTS built to this specification.

*JEC (Jaguar Enthusiast Club) -

The Basics

Purchased from California in circa 2020, the new owner and life-long Jaguar E-type enthusiast delivered the E-type to E-Type UK in 2021 to be fully restored. Having owned a number of Jaguar E-types, the owner of this roadster has a clear vision of what makes a truly perfect driving E-type. Pulling together an exciting specification, the team begin to strip the chassis ready for media blasting.


Once stripped and blasted, the E-type is returned to E-Type UK as a bare metal shell. Wheeled into the bodyshop to be inspected by our specialist E-type technicans, it quickly came to light the fantastic condition of the original Californian roadster. As a result of low mileage and residing in a dry state, the E-type metalwork remained completely rust-free, almost unheard of in the classic car restoration industry.

Safety Adjustments

Only requiring minimal panel corrections across the shell, the E-type began some desirable adjustments as per the owner's request. Driven to produce an unrivalled driving E-type roadster, it was decided to retrofit closed headlamps with chrome surrounds. Since the owner intends to use the E-type as his classic road rally/touring car, the bodywork adjustment enhances the safety aspect of the E-type, reducing the possibility of cracked/damaged headlamps, while also paying homage to predecessor models.

Paint preparation

With metalwork complete, the E-type enters paint preparation, gifting the E-type with flawless body lines and millimetre-perfect gaps. Attention will be given to every inch of the E-type, following which the E-type will be primed and left to harden, a process to build the ideal surface for paintwork.


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