Engine & Gearbox Rebuild

As an international Jaguar E-Type specialist we have been re-building and repairing E-Type engines covering both E-Type six and twelve cylinder power plants. Whilst E-Type UK works to the original Jaguar engine specifications, we can make any performance upgrades you require including electronic ignition.

In addition E-Type UK can also install a sports five speed gearbox designed to provide an enhanced drivers experience.

Our E-Type services are bespoke and thus we would need to discuss your requirements with you.

Where increased power is being implemented we would suggest that you consider a range of necessary improvements to your E-Type like our E-Type enhanced braking and suspension systems.

That has gained an enviable reputation for its Jaguar E-Type restoration services and sales. Our expertise and knowledge of E-Type cars has ensured that E-Type UK has the ability to offer you professional E-Type bodywork, E-Type repairs and E-Type restoration.

If you are an E-Type owner or considering an E-Type vehicle and are looking for professional E-Type engine and gearbox services, then please call our E-Type workshops now to discuss your requirements.

Our E-Type engine and E-type gearbox rebuilds services include the following…

  • Full Jaguar E-Type specification engine rebuilds to standard road specifications.
  • E-Type engine performance enhancements.
  • E-Type built electronic ignition to both straight 6 and V12 engines.
  • Full enhanced braking systems designed to match engine performance.
  • E-Type 5 speed gearbox fitment
  • Full E-Type gearbox rebuilds for moss and 4 synchromesh boxes
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