Alongside our restoration and upgrading services for E-Types, here at E-Type UK, we also provide a classic car MOT inspection and service to certify that your E-Type is suitably prepared to meet the government issued road safety and environmental standards. 

If you have a classic car or intend to buy one, then you are exempt from having to pay vehicle tax, but you might still need to get an MOT on the car. If your car was built or registered between 1960-1977, then you will still be required to get your car an MOT, this is to prove that the car is roadworthy and in good working order. 

As all series of the Jaguar E-type fall within this category, we have worked hard to create an invaluable MOT service that we can provide to our clients, designed to ensure that your car is in the best possible condition and that it is safe to drive. 

By opting for our classic car MOT inspection and service, you can have peace of mind that your car is ready for its MOT test so that when it does hit the road you are able to enjoy a stress-free driving experience. 

Our Jaguar E-Type MOT inspection and service

We take our reputation as a reputable E-Type specialist very seriously, which is why we strive to provide an MOT inspection that is extensive and thorough, helping to avoid any nasty surprises that can prevent your Jaguar E-Type from passing its MOT. 

Our knowledgeable and expert team will undertake a full inspection of your car prior to any MOT test checks. This means that we will check any and all aspects of your car to make sure it is in good working order.

In the event that there are any issues that could prevent your E-Type from passing the MOT, our team will advise you on the best course of action to get these issues fixed so that your car can successfully pass its MOT.

All of our MOT inspections and service sessions take place in our fully independent facility, which is also used to inspect any E-Types we may add to our portfolio. This means that you can be confident that any of our Jaguar E-Types for sale are of the highest standard and are prepared to pass an MOT test. All the E-Types that we have on offer have gone through our meticulous inspection process, making E-Type UK the perfect choice if you are looking to buy a classic car.

Trusted E-Type specialist services

We specialise in the care and restoration of Jaguar E-Types, with a whole host of services dedicated to ensuring that your E-Type experiences only the best. From Jaguar E-Type Restoration to Jaguar E-Type Upgrades, we’re here to help.

Looking for a classic car MOT service? Or want to know more about the other services that we provide? Please get in touch with our friendly team who are happy to provide you with further information and expert advice.

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