Alternator Kit

We offer in-house starter motor, alternator and wiring upgrades. Each fitment is complemented with the necessary wiring adaption’s to retain your E-type's original feel. In our opinion both are an essential upgrade for today’s modern driving.

The lightweight alternator weighs just 4 kilos and is available in 45 or 100 amps options. Using a modern micro serpentine belt this option offers better grip which is highly resistant to throw-off. The kit is fitted with Aluminium pulleys and fits all XK engines.

Our modern starter motors are high-torque and approximately twice as powerful as the original, allowing them to turn faster and therefore start the engine much more easily. They draw about half the current of an original starter putting less strain on the battery, with up to 50% weight reduction.

Most importantly both these upgrades offer highly increased reliability due to the use of modern materials and components in the manufacturing and fitting.

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