Exhaust Systems

Have you considered the performance output of your Jaguar E-type exhaust system?

Look no further, as E-Type UK offers a remarkable service by upgrading your Jaguar E-Type's exhaust system to a superior level. Our exhaust system enhancement brings a plethora of advantages that will elevate your driving experience beyond expectations. With E-Type UK, rest assured, your prized vehicle is in safe hands with our industry experts, and you'll receive the same care and attention from our dedicated customer service team.

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A crucial element that significantly impacts the overall performance of the E-Type is its exhaust system. Making modifications in this area must have a positive effect, and it’s essential to ensure it’s worth the investment. Here are three good reasons to take the plunge:

  • Boosted power and performance

To maximise your engine's potential, it's crucial to match the rate at which it consumes fuel and air with its exhaust output. At E-Type UK, we provide complete Jaguar E-Type exhaust systems designed to let you fully experience and appreciate your vehicle's performance capabilities.

  • Enhanced acoustics

By installing an upgraded Jaguar E-Type exhaust system, you'll be able to unleash the distinctive, captivating sound of the E-Type's 6 and 12 Cylinder engines, which is often subdued by the factory-installed system.

  • Elevated aesthetics

Our Jaguar E-Type exhaust system doesn't just function efficiently and generate fantastic acoustics. The meticulously crafted manifolds also add a captivating visual element to your E-Type's engine bay.

Available in Stainless or Mild steel variants, these systems have been engineered to yield superior performance while delivering that quintessential E-Type sound.

Prepare to indulge in a more sophisticated exhaust note, heightened performance, and better fuel efficiency with our services.


Our team of highly skilled engineers conducts the procedure with utmost precision, ensuring the finest care for your vehicle.

The process of replacing a Jaguar E-Type's exhaust system entails removing the existing system, starting from the catalytic converter, and including the headers, pipes, and muffler. These components are then replaced with new, high-quality parts.

After successfully fitting the new exhaust system, your Jaguar E-Type undergoes thorough testing to confirm that it operates seamlessly while delivering the intended sound and heightened performance.


The E-Type's distinctive design and robust performance set it apart from other vehicles but maintaining such a remarkable car demands substantial care to keep it in peak condition.

Installing a top-notch Jaguar E-Type exhaust system not only guarantees a smooth-running engine but also improves the vehicle's fuel efficiency and elevates the overall driving pleasure.

We recognize your enthusiasm for your E-Type, and we firmly believe it merits the finest care and attention that money can buy. That's why we advocate investing in a premium Jaguar exhaust system explicitly crafted to enhance your E-Type's unique persona and performance.

By selecting the ideal exhaust system, you'll ensure that your E-Type continues to provide the unmatched driving experience that you cherish and deserve. So, to fully relish every moment with your Jaguar E-Type, remember to treat it with the care it truly warrants.

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