E-Type UK provides a classic car MOT inspection and service. If you have a classic car or intend to buy one, then you won’t have to pay vehicle tax but you might still need to get a MOT on the car. If your car was built or registered between 1960 -1977, then you will still have to get yourself a MOT to prove that the car is roadworthy and in good working order. All Jaguar E-types fall within this category so you still need a MOT to drive your car and ensure that it is in good condition. That’s why E-Type UK is a perfect choice if you are looking to buy a classic car.

We will undertake a full inspection of your car prior to MOT. This means we will check all aspects of your car to make sure it is in good working order. Our team will inspect your car and advise you of any issues that we believe might be required to pass the MOT. We will undertake a full MOT inspection at our fully independent facility. This way you know that the car you intend to buy will be of the highest standard. We make sure that we only offer an E-type Jaguar for sale if it has gone through our inspection.

If you are looking for a classic car MOT service then get in touch with us today. E-Type UK specialises in E-type Jaguars and provides a full range of services. We also repair and restore E-types to their full glory on-site. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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