Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 RHD OTS




  • Treated to a full pursuit of originality, nut and bolt restoration by E-Type UK.
  • Original UK right-hand drive.
  • Original 1961 outside bonnet locker (OBL) example.
  • Chassis 54 - the 54th right-hand drive roadster to be produced.
  • Heritage correct Imperial Maroon over Maroon Connolly Vaumol Leather.
  • Warren Concours 2018 - Best in Class
  • Historic Motoring Awards Finalist 2019 - Restoration of the Year.

Chassis 54 was treated to a no expense spared, nut and bolt restoration by E-Type UK. With factory originality the upmost priority, Chassis 54 was finished in Concours condition, preserving and encapsulating 1961 originality. Below is a breakdown of just some of the period-correct and early features refurbished or sourced and fitted:


  • Outside bonnet locks
  • Spot welded in bonnet louvres with visible spot welds
  • PL headlights
  • Butler rear number plate lamps
  • Early door top chromes
  • Solid rear hood chrome
  • Original front indicator lens
  • Correct fittings for all front brightwork
  • Early A-pillar and windscreen chrome with joins
  • Early A-pillar top chromes with rubber pad
  • Date correct glass
  • Original profile over-riders
  • Period correct wheel spinners
  • Early square profile Jaguar badge


  • Flat floors with correct rear flat profile bulkhead
  • Period correct poker dot aluminium centre console and dash fascia
  • Original Leveroll seat runners
  • Early hood canopy
  • Correct triple press stud hood bag 
  • Extended early lead weight for the roof stabilisation during high speeds
  • Flat dashtop with three early vents and brass bezels
  • Early grab handle with no chrome dash scrolls
  • Correct pitch roadster seats refurbished and finished in duck egg grey
  • Flocked glove box lining
  • Original early steering wheel
  • Correct positive earth clock
  • All correct 'Made in England' gauges
  • Correct profile toggle switches


  • Pumpkin Orange Cylinder head
  • 3.8 Marston Radiator
  • Dipped water rail
  • Aluminium pulleys
  • Early alternator bracket
  • Date correct starter motor, distributor, dynamo and wiper motor
  • Correct period ignition system
  • Small ridged header tank
  • Correct 3.8 wishbones with ball joint covers
  • Blue top washer bottle
  • Correct box filter plenum
  • Early carb tops and tabs
  • Three pedestal throttle linkage
  • Period correct bellow braking system
  • Nova code brake fluid senders
  • Period correct brake fluid hoses
  • Steel brake lines
  • Early wiring loom straps
  • Early non-self adjusting hand brake mechanism
  • Early rear hubs
  • Early driveshafts
  • Stubby axle breather
  • Period correct fuel tank and sender

If you'd like more information on Chassis 54 then visit the E-type bespoke RESTORATION PAGE HERE. Alternatively, please call us on 01732 852762 or email to arrange a viewing.

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