Braking System

Bespoke Brake Upgrades

E-Type UK has extensive experience of ensuring that not only does the braking system remains aesthetically in keeping with the quintessential E-Type appearance but also provides the stopping power required when needed.

In 1961 when the ground-breaking E-type was launched, the car was launched on a Kelsey-Hayes system leveraging a Dunlop Caliper. Although pioneering, the brakes were liable to brake fade when hot, a set up that makes the brakes for today’s traffic harder to handle.

Jaguar was aware of this issue in period and did offer a competition brake disc upgrade taking advantage of the larger Calipers fitted to the Jaguar Mk IX. This was adopted for racing in period and is allowed for FIA compliance today.

When the Series 2 E-type replaced the Series 1 in 1968, improvements had been made with the addition of a more conventional servo-assisted braking system in 1964. The Series 2 represented the first upgrade to the Caliper, going from a single piston to a 3-piston Girling front Caliper, which ran through until production of the E-type ceased in 1975.

There is a raft of options to improve braking efficiency, ranging from period upgrades to individual component upgrades right through to a full system overhaul.

E-Type UK is proud to now be able to offer to our clients the option of a traditional single piston or 3-piston set up for road or race preparation.

Alternatively, we can offer a fully upgraded lightweight 4-piston or 6-piston Caliper. Paired with a choice of vented, cross-drilled or standard discs with modern compound brake pads.

PLEASE NOTE, E-Type UK’s bespoke brake upgrades are offered exclusively to our clients as a fitted option.
Should you wish to discuss the right brake option for you, please either call the office on 01732 852 762 or email Marcus on
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