Fuel Injection 6 Cylinder & V12

E-Type UK has built considerable knowledge and expertise in both V12 and 6-cylinder fuel injection system. Having worked to pioneer the system, E-Type UK were one of the first companies to be offering commercially available fuel injection, working in conjunction with a small select number of specialists we would be happy to assist with fuel injecting your Jaguar E-Type.

6 Cylinder Fuel Injection

E-Type UK first undertook 6-cylinder fuel injection on behalf of a customer. Removing the existing triple SU carburettor set up and replacing this with throttle bodies. Leaving much of the engine unchanged and ensuring that the fuel injection runs independently to the remaining mechanical components.

The benefits of fuel injection over carburettors is the reduced need for tuning or a carburettor falling out of tune. The ECU can be programmed remotely and the cars run more fuel efficiently than those on carburettors.

Running the system largely independently ensures that at any time fuel injection can be removed and replaced with the factory correct carburation system with minimal additional requirements.

V12 Fuel Injection

It is an often-overlooked fact that the factory fitted 5.3L V12 engine was originally designed to accept fuel injection. The system was being developed by AE Brico at the request of Jaguar, largely due to incoming US regulations and exhaust gas regulations. It was only due to unreliability and the fact that Bosch had patents on the system that AE Brico were developing that development stopped leaving Jaguar without fuel injection and thus reverting to Zenith-Stromberg carburettors.

Notoriously difficult to tune and suffering with fuel evaporation, E-Type UK have used the system fitted to the later XJS but refined, upgraded and leveraged a modern ECU to relieve these issues.

The system requires a bespoke wiring loom to be created to run the fuel injection which is made in-house by our team of experts. Running off modern coil packs and a ECU programmed for a Jaguar V12 E-type the system ensures greater reliability and less tuning than the factory original set up while bringing the V12 engine up to the level it was tended to be at.

E-Type UK have further pushed their fuel injection offering a stage further with the offering of ‘down-draft’ fuel injection. Leveraging a bespoke set up again with bespoke wiring loom, fuel rail and throttle bodies, E-Type UK is programming this again with their ECU.

PLEASE NOTE, this is offered exclusively to our clients as a fitted option.

Should you wish to get more details on fuel injection, please either call the office on 01732 852 762 or email Marcus on marcus@etypeuk.com.   

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