E-Type UK Featured In E-Type Club Magazine

Anyone who is about to settle down and enjoy the latest issue of the E-Type Club Magazine, will also be able to enjoy a piece written by Malcolm from the E-Type Club regarding our recent acquisition of Jaguar e-type specialist, E-Type UK based in Kent.

Malcolm has taken our conversations and email exchanges and placed them into a succinct piece of writing. We are happy to confirm by way of an update that since our exchanges with Malcolm our passion for classic cars and in particular E-types has not been dented.

Some of the highlights of our first 3 months at E-Type UK include, taking delivery of 4 new Jaguars, three of which are e-types all of which will be present on the website shortly keep an eye on our Jaguar showroom here. The delivery of a stunning XK120, a Jaguar that has been beautifully restored and upgraded and we are now offering for sale. Attending The London Classic Car Show which was a tremendous success and a great experience for us as new owners.

Last but by no means least, the opportunity to able to meet so many of our loyal customers and suppliers within the industry, all of which have been a great help in making us feel welcome and part of the e-type community.

We hope you enjoy the piece about E-Type UK in E-Type Club Magazine and would welcome you to come and visit our e-type workshop in Hadlow, Kent should you wish to come and say ‘hello’.

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