At E-Type UK, we tackle everything that needs tackling with regards to E-Type Jaguar ownership – including servicing. Our Workshop Managers will thoroughly check each E-Type model on its arrival at our dedicated E-Type centre, allowing customers the opportunity to discuss their requirements and objectives.

E-Type UK provides a full service programme covering the whole E-Type range from early E-Type Series 1 models (external locking E-Types) through to late Series 3 E-Type commemoratives.

We provide an honest and friendly approach to our servicing programme, ensuring you have the confidence to leave your E-Type Jaguar with us and get the very best results. It’s with such an approachable, passionate and altogether reliable approach that we’ve earned the trust of E-Type enthusiasts far and wide.

E-Type UK has developed a large and faithful customer following not just locally but internationally – all over Europe. Client satisfaction is at the very top of our agenda – which is why our customers have the ultimate peace of mind in our services. Our clients return regularly to ensure their E-Types are maintained to the highest possible standards and in the safest and most experienced hands around.

Check out our testimonials to see how we make E-Type dreams reality.

We cover a wide range of servicing, including MOT, exhaust, tyre fitting, braking systems and general servicing right up to a full Concours restoration projects. Indeed, we will discuss and advise each E-Type client the best possible service programme for their individual E-Type vehicles.

  • IRS Rebuild Service

    E-Type UK has gained an unrivalled reputation in the industry for rebuilding the independent rear suspension unit (IRS). Dedicating time and knowledge ensures the finished product is of the highest standard, why not find out more here.

  • Coach Trimming

    One of the most important areas for any E-Type owner is the cabin, a place that has to be inviting and comfortable. E-Type UK has gained an enviable reputation for their E-Type restoration projects and an essential element to this bespoke package is the coach trimming service we offer

  • Engine & Gearbox Rebuild

    As an international Jaguar E-Type specialist we have been re-building and repairing E-Type engines covering both E-Type six and twelve cylinder power plants. Whilst E-Type UK works to the original Jaguar engine specifications, we can make any performance upgrades you require including electronic ignition.

  • M.O.T

    E-Type UK will undertake a full inspection of your car prior to MOT. We will advise on any issues which we believe may be required and arrange the MOT inspection at our fully independent facility.

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