The Geneva Principle

Since it’s launch, the E-type and Geneva have been inextricably linked. That’s why, at E-Type UK, all our restorations must abide by what we call ‘The Geneva Principle’. Every car we build must be perfect enough to sit under the bright lights of that Geneva showstand, as well as fast, comfortable and reliable enough to recreate Norman’s mad dash south.


If Bob and Norman’s stories had never been told, the world would be none the wiser about the grueling journeys both Geneva E-types undertook. Numerous period photos show them gleaming on their stand. At E-Type UK, the quality of the paintwork, trim and millimeter precise gaps surpasses those of the original cars.


You’re unlikely to need to hit the kinds of speeds Norman Dewis reached in your E-type, but we firmly believe that you should always have the reassurance of knowing that you can so we offer a range of performance upgrades including fast road spec engines, upgraded brakes and suspension and even fuel injection.


With Sir William Lyons nervously checking his watch there was simply no room for Norman’s car to fail during its drive. E-Type UK treats every restoration with this same importance. Restoration cars are completely stripped and every part is refurbished or replaced with factory original or replacement parts.


The final step for any E-Type UK restoration is to ensure that it covers at least 590 miles with us before it is delivered in perfect working order to its owner.

Why 590 miles? Well, that just so happens to be the distance from our workshop in Hadlow, Kent, to Geneva, perfectly completing the all-encompassing Geneva Principle that guides each and every step we take during a restoration.

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