As a business run by dedicated classic sports car enthusiasts with a passion for the industry, we love to keep up to date on all of the latest events, trends, and news
from within the world of classic automobiles. Providing the latest industry updates through articles, showcasing our latest inventory projects through our videos and
sharing our latest press and events.

  • June Coffee Morning | Birds-Eye View

    July 13th 2022

    Coffee, Cakes and Classic Cars June coffee morning. A birds eye view of the stunning classics in attendance.

  • Snetterton Survivor Paintwork

    March 3rd 2022

    The Snetterton Survivor is finished in its original and exact factory colour - Opalescent Maroon.

  • Premium Classic Car Storage

    January 14th 2022

    Through our reliable storage services, you are can trust your classic car is being professionally cared for by like-minded automotive enthusiasts

  • Luxurious V12 Grunt

    January 13th 2022

    70's Series 3 2+2 heads under the knife for a full nut and bolt restoration, finishing this icon in a mouth-watering Opalescent Gunmetal...

  • First Start | Signal Red Series 1 4.2

    November 26th 2021

    Fitted with its fully rebuilt 4.2L straight-six, alongside the necessary engine components, the team starts the beast!

  • Box Fresh 4.2 Roadster

    July 16th 2021

    Original LHD roadster having completed its full nut and bolt restoration in Summer 2021! A box-fresh example with a handful of reliability upgrades

  • 3.8 California Black Plate Coupe

    June 18th 2021

    The E-type has been completed to an exceptionally high-level performance finish, fitting countless upgrades resulting in an unbeatable driving experience.


    April 20th 2021

    Series 1 4.2 Roadster starts its full nut and bolt restoration, beginning with a full strip-down, including all mechanicals, interior and exterior.

  • Jaguar E-type at 60th Celebration

    March 15th 2021

    60 years ago today the world welcomed a design that would inspire decades of automotive designs, that icon is the Jaguar E-type...

  • The Carmen Classic Coupe

    March 1st 2021

    Join E-Type UK director, Marcus Holland, in our Kent-based showroom for a walk around an E-Type UK restored Series 1 fixed-head coupe - the Carmen Classic...

  • Unleashed by E-Type UK

    March 1st 2021

    Unleashing performance of the iconic British V12. Beautifully pairing seamless body lines, modernised interior and performance matched the finest sports cars today.

  • Restoration Chassis Strip Down

    May 22nd 2020

    Our workshop cameras catch this restoration strip down process via a neat timelapse. A 5-day strip-down summed up into a tidy 4 minutes. 1974 Jaguar E-type Series 3 Roadster.

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